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Jem BourouhJem Bourouh is a 24-year-old serial entrepreneur from Germany and the CEO and Founder of Adcubator. Jem’s business acts as a marketing agency-cum-venture capital. Jem uses his gained experience, knowledge, and creativity to assist e-commerce businesses in converting their ideas into multimillion-dollar successes. In addition to Adcubator, Jem helped co-found eCom Incubator, an education-focused entity designed to mentor students.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Jem Bourouh discusses his upbringing in Bremen, Germany, and his education and travels
  • What led to Jem’s entrepreneurial journey?
  • How did Jem get the idea for Adcubator, what is it, and how does it help e-commerce clients?
  • Jem talks about his business failures and the tenacity it takes to move forward
  • What it looks like to run a multimillion-dollar business and the importance of surrounding yourself with the right community
  • Jem explains why it’s important to treat clients with the utmost respect
  • What are Jem’s proudest moments as an entrepreneur?
  • Jem discusses his daily rituals and explains why he avoids his phone for the first 30 minutes of the day

In this episode…

As you reflect on your younger years, what dreams do you recall? Did your circumstances influence your career goals?

Many of us grew up determined to make a better life for ourselves. Some of us even dreamed of becoming wealthy. But those kinds of dreams often do not evolve into fruition. Achieving greatness involves more than just a dream — it takes goal setting, planning, perseverance, and action. Jem Bourouh had a dream, set a plan in motion, and succeeded. But what else accompanied his journey to success along the way?

In this episode of Top Business Leaders, Jem Bourouh of Adcubator sits down with Chad Franzen to discuss his serial entrepreneurial journey. In this discussion, Jem breaks down what motivated him to not only be an entrepreneur but why he aspired to be a millionaire. In his journey, however, he learned that part of being successful meant surrounding himself with a strong community, being disciplined, and treating everyone with respect.

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Episode Transcript

Intro 0:04  

Welcome to the Top Business Leaders Show. Powered by Rise25 Media, we featured top founders, executives and business leaders from all over the world.

Chad Franzen  0:20  

Chad Franzen here co-host of the Top Business Leaders Show where we feature CEOs, entrepreneurs and top leaders in the business world. This episode is brought to you by Rise25. We help b2b businesses reach their dream relationships and connect with more clients referrals and strategic partnerships and get ROI through done for you podcasts. If you have if you have a b2b business and want to build great relationships, there is no better way to do it than to profile the people and companies you admire on your own podcast. To learn more, go to or email us at Jem Bourouh is 24 years old and as a serial entrepreneur from Germany. He launched his marketing agency called Adcubator in 2018. Jem and his team have spent more than $318 million profitably after being in the DTC space for more than four years. He’s decided not only to bootstrap his own commerce brands, but also to invest and acquire other businesses such as marketing agencies and e-commerce brands. In 2021, Jem launched an education-focused entity called eCom Incubator. Hey, Jem, how are you?

Jem Bourouh  1:26  

Doing? Good, Chad. Thanks for having me. How are you?

Chad Franzen  1:29  

I’m doing great. Hey, thanks for joining me. Hey, I know I said you were from from Germany. Tell me a little bit. Well, actually, where are you from in Germany? And what was life like for you there growing up? Sure.

Jem Bourouh  1:41  

So born raised in Germany in a town or city called Bremen? I think right now there’s like, 600,000 people living pretty much lived in Germany all my life, you know. Like, if we’re gonna go back, all the way like childhood and everything grew up, not really had much, I went to a really good school where like, you know, everyone’s parents were like, top managers, CEOs, lawyers, all that kind of stuff, right. And honestly, like, this was like, like, I always knew that I wanted more of life, especially if you if you grew up not really having having a lot and like not really having money. So kind of like the entire thought of doing more in life becoming more was was always there. I mean, when I was six, I used to be a sumo ringer. And that kind of like cleared out very, very quickly, I’d say, but grew up in Germany, Bremen, super nice place to be. I’m sure that you should visit sometime. So if you’re ever in Germany, let me know. I’ll go there. And I’ll show you around. live there 18 years of my life then decided to move somewhere else to just study in university. So I went to a city in Eastern Germany called McDouble, which is like near Berlin, like one and a half hours perhaps. So studied there two years, which to another university, because like, during that studies, I started business and everything started to learn about business, how to make money online, e commerce, selling products, advertising, all that kind of stuff, right? Switched universities again, and up to this day, even though I’ve started studying in 2016. And I mean, 2022, or now, I still haven’t finished my degree, but I have like seven businesses running. So it’s like, yeah, you know, do I really want to finish my bachelor’s degree? Or do I just want to keep on doing what I’m doing? Take the L and just not even stress about it. But yeah, so like, that’s, that’s how I grew up pretty much and decided to leave Germany for the first time in 2020. Actually, so moved to Sweden for half a year during COVID Because in Germany, everything was like on lockdown super hard. And like during that time, Sweden was criticized super hard, right? So I was like, Oh, my just will just go to Sweden for six months. ended up saying like four and a half, five months or something went back. After four months, I was really tired of Germany again, move to Mexico state or two months, went to the US because last year still in like April, May, you couldn’t go from Germany to the US. So you had to go to either Dubai or Mexico to be able to enter the US, right? I want to go back to the US so was Mexico, was in the US and then honestly just like traveling around, move to Dubai got my residency, or lived in Dubai, whatever you want to call it. And then eventually went to Bali. In december two and a half months back to buy so yeah, like, like, honestly, my life right now is kind of crazy, especially with traveling all around the world. Like it’s a nice thing, but it can be also very draining. But yeah, basically my life in a nutshell.

Chad Franzen  4:42  

Very nice. Very nice. Hey, what was your first I mentioned, you’re a serial entrepreneur. What was your first ever entrepreneurial endeavor, even if it was like when you were a kid? And how old were you?

Jem Bourouh  4:51  

Yeah, so I never really talked about this at all, but I remember that I was buying it candies at this one store just selling them in class. And like eventually my teachers sort of shut it down after like three days, because we’re selling that stuff and in the breaks and everything, maybe even trading at these the small. The small football stickers, you know? Yeah. Not really selling, but just like trading, but I’d say like the first time, like I, I made money, yes, but it’s not like I made like, I made like maybe 50 or 100 euros from that like nothing crazy, right? But like, as a 13 year old or? Like, I think I was 11, 12 13, something like that. But that was like the first thing I’ve started.

Chad Franzen  5:44  

So what was it? When did you get your first job? And what did you do?

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