Drive More Meetings with your Ideal Referral Partners and Clients with our Done for you Cold Email Outreach Services

4 Key Drivers of our Successful Outreach

Land calls on your schedule without your team doing any work

We Create a Targeted List of Clients and Referral Partners

We Create Compelling and Personal Messaging and Follow Up Sequence

We Constantly Monitor the Messaging and Lists

We Monitor Deliverability and Responses


*Warning: if any of one of these are not done correctly, the entire campaign will not work

How our Cold Email Outreach Works

Step 1

Ideal Targeting

We drill down on the ideal targeting

We reverse engineer your ideal clients in order to build a list of ideal potential clients and referral partners.

Ideal Targerting

Step 2

Compelling Messaging

We create follow up messaging to get approved by you.

We have our team of copywriters and editors create 9 different messages that will go in the follow up sequence

Compelling Messaging

Step 3

Appointment Magic

We will share your calendar link and appointments will magically show up on your calendar (or a team member’s calendar)

Appointment Magic

Step 4

Sales Strategy

We will share best practices and scripts for how to handle these calls so you build rapport, trust and authority.

Sales Strategy

Step 5

Email Implementation

We set up several email campaigns personalized outreach.

We create customized sequences, get approval from you and start reaching out.

We send up to 4-6 follow up messages and once we get a response we manually communicate to answer any questions or objections to get them on your calendar.

Email Implementation

Step 6

Results and Optimization

We optimize messaging and outreach.

Typicak cold email campaigns get less than 1% of recipients booking an appointment.

Our Rise25 campaigns generate 5-7X better results.

Sales Strategy

We Focus on Building a Relationship
in Addition to Direct Sales

Pricing & Customized Packages

We are not typical ....A typical lead generation company charges $300 per scheduled call, this is NOT us.

We have a flat rate every month

We want to generate as many calls a month for you without you having to worry about costs adding up.

The cost of the cold email dream guest outreach will range from $650/mo to $3000/mo depending on how many people you want us to message every month.


Cold Email Outreach is VERY Effective
with a Podcast.

You Get Full Visibility With
Detailed Reporting

Example Campaigns

Sample Report

Example: If we send 400 emails to unique people a month and get 40 responses and 10-20% book a call then that is 4-8 calls per month. Of course, the type of person we are reaching out to can vary dramatically so the ultimate results will vary.

We will create a target goal of the number of calls you would like to attain and then we will send out the number of messages according to your goals.

We want you or your team to simply have to show up for the calls and build the relationship and we do everything to make it easy for you.

If you are interested we can set up a call
to go over any questions.


Do you White label for other companies?

Yes – inquire here

What is the turn around time to get started?

Once we have the initial onboarding call and your calendar link to get the information on who we are targeting, we can start the process within 7-10 days.

About RISE25

We help B2B businesses get more clients, referral partners and strategic partners through our done-for-you podcast service

About Rise25 – We are an easy button to launch and run your podcast so you get ROI.

Increase ROI, Authority, & Leave a Legacy All in One

Trusted By:

Dr. Jeremy Weisz and John Corcoran are the co-founders of Rise25, LLC, a company whose mission is to help your business connect to your ideal prospects, referral partners and strategic partners using a done-for-you podcast.

The bottom line is we make sure you ROI from your podcast. Leveraging strategy based on our collective 20 years of podcasting experience, Rise25 helps you to connect quicker to higher caliber referral partners, clients, strategic partners and industry influencers to generate ROI without heavy selling.

Dr. Jeremy Weisz, in addition to running Rise25, has been featuring top entrepreneurs with video interviews since 2010 that include founders/CEO’s of P90X, Atari, Einstein Bagels, Mattel, the Orlando Magic, Rx Bars and many more on InspiredInsider. He was senior producer for 6 years at one of the early top business podcasts helping to put systems in place and to run some of the behind the scenes operations.

Even before the Rise25 podcast service that helps your company run and get ROI from a podcast he would say, “Every business should have a podcast because hands down it is the best thing I have done for my business and my life. I have made best friends, met my business partner, and had countless clients and referral partners come out of the relationships I have built with my podcast.”

He continues to run his own chiropractic & massage facility in downtown Chicago and is founder of a nutritional supplement business.

John Corcoran is a recovering attorney, and a writer, author, father of four, and a former Clinton White House Writer and Speechwriter to the Governor of California. Throughout his career, John has worked in Hollywood, the heart of Silicon Valley, and ran his own boutique law firm in the San Francisco Bay Area catering to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

He is the author of three books about relationship building and client acquisition and has written for Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Lifehacker, The San Francisco Chronicle, and basically anywhere else that will let him. He has been the host of the Smart Business Revolution podcast since 2012, through which he has interviewed hundreds of CEOs, founders, authors and entrepreneurs, from Peter Diamandis and Adam Grant to Gary Vaynerchuk and Marie Forleo.