Gift Program

Building Connections through Thoughtful Gifting.

Rise25 Gifting Program

Customer delight is the ultimate goal for any business. And nothing surprises or delights quite like a gift.

Imagine… if you had an “easy button” so you could easily send thoughtful gifts to your best clients, referral partners and podcast guests.

It already exists.

We created our Rise25 Gifting Program to send gifts to our clients and referral partners, and we refined the process for years before opening it up to clients.

We handle everything so your referral partners, prospects, and clients can get regular gifts and touchpoints from you for years if you choose.

Gift Program

We can do a series of gifts that have your personalized logo on the packaging and on the inserted stationary with a customized message.

Our writers draft customized messages and get them approved by you.

Here’s an Unboxing Video with
One of our Clients


What gifts do you send?

We have a range of gifts and prices to choose from. We have a selection of gifts that we have curated and hand selected.

These gifts are very affordable and not large or heavy to keep shipping costs down which ultimately saves you money.

Can I choose who you send to?

Absolutely. We can also recommend which of your most valuable business referral partners, strategic partners and clients you should send to.

What is the Process?

All you need to do is send the name of the person and their email and mailing address and we take it from there.  If you are interested, we can have a separate call to review the details.

Here is the schedule to book a call with our team to discuss it:

What is the pricing?

Pricing depends on the frequency of gifts and the type of gifts you choose. And we included an example below of the most common one.

There are gifting platforms that we looked into that charge a license fee of $5500 for the year and it does not even include the gifts! This is NOT what we wanted because we want it to be affordable to do for us and our clients.

How frequently do you recommend sending gifts?

We generally recommend gift campaigns where we send gifts every 3-4 months for 3 years.

But you can choose the frequency that is best for you.

Once I set the program, Can I change the gifts?

We order the gifts in advance so….

What happens if I want to take someone off of the gifting list?

It is simple – Email us at and let us know the person who you want to take off and we need at least 30 days notice.

What is included in your full gifting program?

Our full gift program can include the following:

  • Your logo on the packaging
  • Your logo on the stationery
  • Our writers create the sequence of messages and get approved by you
  • You have a choice of ~25 approved gifts
  • Shipping is included
  • Management of the fulfillment is included
  • The packing of the gift and box and note is included
  • We manage the list of people it is sent to each month

Why should I send gifts to clients and referral partners?

We have found that nurturing clients, prospects, and referral partners with ongoing gift campaigns has been invaluable for building and strengthening our business relationships.

How far in advance should I schedule my gifts? 

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