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Devin SizemoreDevin Sizemore is the Founder of YOUR Referral Partner, a consulting agency that focuses on helping businesses build strategic partnerships, increase referrals, and streamline their sales processes. As a connector, speaker, and consultant, Devin is on a mission to help 100 of the best service providers generate 100 connections in 2023. He is a serial entrepreneur that has worked with over 500 businesses on their growth strategies in the last decade.

After graduating from the University of Nevada, Reno, Devin launched his online marketing agency, MarkUBiz, which he later sold. Since then, he has owned a manufacturing company, coworking space, sales consulting agency, and cat café.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Devin Sizemore talks about YOUR Referral Partner and their mission
  • The value of referrals and connections
  • How having a journalism degree helped Devin become a better marketer
  • Devin’s first business and what he learned from it
  • How Devin helps people as a speaker
  • Devin talks about his Cat Café venture
  • Devin’s proudest moments in the business

In this episode…

Are you looking for clients, strategic advice, products, services, sponsors, or partnerships? How can you make the connections you need for your business to succeed?

Devin Sizemore has been an entrepreneur for years and has discovered that businesses thrive on connections and referrals. Unfortunately, he noticed that few marketing agencies focus on networking and building relationships. Companies need to build high-value networks to generate more referrals. He shares how he helps businesses build strategic partnerships, increase referrals, and streamline their sales processes.

Join Chad Franzen, host of the Top Business Leaders Show, as he speaks with Devin Sizemore, Founder of YOUR Referral Partner. Devin talks about YOUR Referral Partner and their mission, the value of referrals and connections, lessons he’s learned as an entrepreneur, and how he helps people as a speaker.

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Episode Transcript

Intro 0:04 

Welcome to the Top Business Leaders Show powered by Rise25 Media, we featured top founders, executives and business leaders from all over the world.

Chad Franzen 0:20 

Chad Franzen here co-host of the Top Business Leaders Show where we feature CEOs, entrepreneurs and top leaders in the business world. This episode is brought to you by Rise25, we help b2b businesses reach their dream relationships and connect with more clients referrals and strategic partnerships and get ROI through done-for-you podcasts. If you have a b2b business and want to build great relationships, there is no better way than to profile the people and companies you admire on your podcast. To learn more, go to or email us at Devin Sizemore is a super-connector who is on a mission to help 100 people make 100 referrals in 2023. He’s worked with more than 500 businesses on their sales and growth strategies and loves everything business. His business experience combined with his vast network allow him to make connections that might not make sense at first, but are hugely valuable in the long term. Hey, Devin, thanks so much for joining me today. How are you?

Devin Sizemore 1:16 

Chad, thanks for having me man, doing great.

Chad Franzen 1:18 

Yeah. Hey, great to have you here. So as we start out here, tell me about And what it’s all about?

Devin Sizemore 1:25 

Yeah, for sure. So the name, we try to make the name speak for itself. We help people build high-value networks to generate more referrals, and thus the name YOUR Referral Partner, and we want to connect people with what they need.

Chad Franzen 1:37 

So let me ask you this. How did you discover the value of referrals and connections? I guess, you could probably guess how you discovered it. But how did you realize that that was a business that you could start and build?

Devin Sizemore 1:49 

Yeah, so it’s the one thing when I did self-discovery, I sat down and said, hey, what is unique about my journey that stands out, right? There’s a lot of sales, there’s a lot of marketing strategies, they all work, they all can have success. And the common denominator was building meaningful relationships, adding value, and having this system that continually generated ongoing connections. And a lot of people kept asking, well, what are you doing? Like I asked for referrals and don’t get the same inbound connections that you’re getting. So like, what’s the secret? And then as I kept diving in, I realized, well, wait a second, there is a system here that I’ve been using. And it’s how I build my businesses. And it’s how I did hyper-growth in a corporate position as well?

Chad Franzen 2:30 

Can you share the secret? Or do people have to come to, to find out?

Devin Sizemore 2:35 

No, man, well, we can dive as deep as you want.

Chad Franzen 2:37 

Yeah. Why don’t you tell us kind of your system or your secret to helping people generate referrals?

Devin Sizemore 2:42 

For sure. So step one I always tell people is you have to expand who you’re connecting with. Often we’re taught, create your client avatar, your client persona, it’s the one thing that probably resonates with everybody, if I say, hey, who do you want to connect with? They usually reply with a customer. And that’s great. But that’s such a one-to-one relationship. And so what I tell people is stop trying to chase customers, and let’s chase people have access to our customers. So we go through the connection, expansion exercise, and we look at where does your customer spend money? Where did they gather? Where did they get educated, who influences them, who coaches them, and then who’s a connector that knows everybody? I want to spend my marketing and my sales dollars chasing all those categories I just mentioned. And the gold ticket is if we can find ourselves in a room full of people who have access to our ideal clients. That’s a many-to-many relationship. And we have so much more impact. And so every dollar every minute we spend in that room or we’re nurturing and building relationships can have infinite return versus that one-on-one return.

Chad Franzen 3:43 

So tell me about your mission here in 2023 to help 100 people make 100 referrals. How did that come about?

Devin Sizemore 3:49 

Yeah, for sure. So I went through a couple renditions of my mastermind, and we had tremendous success. And so I set the bar as high as I felt comfortable chasing this year. And so our goal is to have 100 people do 100 referrals or 100 connections. And with that 10,000 connections, we’re going to impact hundreds of 1000s of people. My passion has always been positively impacting those around me. And I know for a fact that if we can create that momentum with meaningful high caliber professionals, helping and supporting each other, we’re going to impact our businesses, their families and the communities that they do business in.

Chad Franzen 4:26 

So how did get started, and then kind of evolved into what it is today? I know, it didn’t even start out as your referral partner.

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