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Bell Bank’s Pay It Forward foundation is a unique initiative that empowers the company’s team members to give back to communities in need.

Every year, Bell Bank allocates $1,000 to each full-time employee and $500 to each part-time employee to donate to the individuals, families, or organizations of their choice. Since 2008, they have given over $17 million in donations and impacted thousands of lives across the globe. In 2020, Bell Bank doubled each employee’s Pay It Forward dollars to make a greater difference during the pandemic. Some of the team’s favorite causes to support include arts and culture, animals in need, medical and care facilities, and people who are recovering from obstacles like cancer, accidents, domestic violence, and more.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Danielle and Mark Erickson’s decision to pursue adoption
  • The first moments Danielle and Mark spent with their baby
  • How the employees at Bell Bank contributed Danielle and Mark’s journey
  • The gift of giving and generosity

In this episode…

Families are formed in many different and unexpected ways. For those that pursue adoption, the journey can be both beautiful and difficult. Danielle and Mark Erickson know this firsthand.

From grieving infertility issues to coming up with enough funds, the adoption process had its fair share of challenges for the couple. But, when Danielle and Mark held their baby in their arms for the first time, they knew that they had received a blessing. Their story resonated with a number of employees at Bell Bank — and the team rallied together to make a donation to the growing family.

Watch this video to discover Danielle and Mark Erickson’s touching story of adoption and how the Bell Bank team used their Pay It Forward funds to support the new family. When Danielle and Mark set out to bring baby Ravi home, they had know idea about the generosity that the Bell Bank employees had in store for them — or how this donation would help them as they began their new chapter with their son.

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