Rise25 Veteran Entrepreneurship Scholarship Program


Our Mission

Our mission is to make the world a smaller place by creating connections – helping to connect more entrepreneurs and business owners with their ideal prospects and referral partners who they love to work with.

We do this through connecting people through our in-person events, and we do it through our done-for-you lead generation services – directly connecting our clients with their ideal prospects and referral partners.

Although Jeremy and John have been working together since 2015, the seeds of their partnership was formed over 70 years earlier, through the courage of two men who never met.

Jeremy’s grandfather, David Danzyger (above right), was a Holocaust survivor who escaped from Nazi Germany, while John’s grandfather and namesake, John Harriman Corcoran Sr. (above left), was a B-17 Captain and pilot who flew 35 missions over nazi Germany during WWII.

Rise25 seeks to honor Jeremy & John’s grandfathers’ legacies – and the service and sacrifice of all veterans and survivors – by helping to build stronger connections between business leaders, which leads to stronger communities and more lasting bonds.

As a thank you to all veterans who have served in uniform, Rise25 also donates time, energy and resources to charitable causes which encourage and support veteran entrepreneurship.

Major Eric Martindale: “I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want to come”

Major Eric Martindale is a former Marine who served for 15 years as an active duty Marine officer, including two tours of combat duty in Iraq, and one tour of combat duty in Afghanistan.

Here is a video of Eric speaking about his experience attending a Rise25 event:




Marine Dave Burlin: “Changed the Direction of my Life”



Those are the 3 words that come to mind when I think about my experience at the Traffic and Conversion Summit last week in San Diego.

I was contacted by John Corcoran at Rise 25, just a few weeks before the event with an opportunity to apply for a Veteran scholarship for an all expense paid trip including ticket to the conference, as well as a seat at a private dinner sponsored by RISE 25 prior to the event kick-off. I immediately shared the opportunity with my network and applied, not knowing that I would be selected as the winner!

I immediately felt very welcomed for the dinner and was connected with amazing entrepreneurs and Veteran entrepreneurs that are making a serious impact across the country and around the world!

Throughout the conference, I continued to connect with people from the RISE 25 dinner at tracks for the conference, as well as at the after-party events during the week. One of the greatest opportunities that came full circle this trip was connecting with people that I hadn’t seen since 2015, as well as people that I had been on digital masterminds with but had never met in person!

As if that wasn’t enough, I also got to be in the standing room only to see RICHARD BRANSON share his passion for taking risks and why he wants to go to space, AND I even got to meet Jay Shetty! Jay dropped nothing but truth as he shared his passion for making sure that people have INTENTION behind their brand, and it was an AMAZING experience.

I have already connected with so many people, it’s hard to keep up, and I can’t wait to serve and connect people to the resources that will help them be successful. If there is ever a RISE 25 event in your area, GO! You won’t be disappointed, and you will probably be connected and plugged in faster than I was!”

– Dave Burlin, Southwestern Consulting