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People often ask… “how can I add new revenue streams to my business… but without a ton of extra work?”

Here’s one way you can do it.

You are probably getting asked from time to time for recommendations of resources, software, books or companies.

And you probably make those recommendations frequently.

I believe if you are already making those recommendations, and it wouldn’t increase the cost of the person who is receiving those recommendations, and you disclose you are getting compensated as a referrer, then I think it is totally fair to get compensated.

After all, you have put in all the research, work, effort and testing to determine which resources deserve to be referred, so you are saving people a lot of time and headache.

Here’s a quick video explaining how this works:

How to Refer Quickly and Easily (without Feeling Sleazy) 

Here are the steps you should follow to do this.

  1. Sign up for the referral program of the resource you are recommending. It could be a software, book, company or other program. They need to have an affiliate or referral incentive program set up already.
  2. Create a short review of this resource. I do this because I find it is easier and feels less “sleazy” when someone asks you for a recommendation to refer them to the review rather than directly to an affiliate link. I also find it is more of a ‘value add’ which makes them WANT for you to get ‘credit’ for the referral.
  3. Create a short write up and insert this in text expander software. I do this because it is a huge time saver. You can create a couple of paragraphs and the links, and then all I need to do is type up a few characters and boom! All the paragraphs and links are inserted in whatever email or message I am typing. I also create ‘pretty links’ (using Pretty Link Lite plugin) so that I’m not referring the person to an ugly URL (i.e. Be sure to include a note diclosing that it is a referral link. Here’s what my copy looks like when I recommend Thinkific software:

We’re huge fans of Thinkific.

I’ve tried dozens of different online course building software options, and Thinkific is my favorite, because it is very easy to use (no coder/developer needed), fast, reliable, easy to upload different kinds of media.

They also include video hosting which is a big cost savings.

Here’s a short video review I recorded inside of our account:

I love that they have a free trial so you can try before you buy.

Here’s a link to do a free trial:

(full disclosure: that’s a referral link which doesn’t increase your cost, but I only reecommend it because I love it).

4.  Each time someone asks you for a referral or recommendation, use what you just created!  It will take you just a few seconds but you will really benefit with commissions coming in over time.