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Sharon SievertSharon Seivert is the CEO of CORE Coaching & Consulting, LLC, a global professional services organization that provides customized one-on-one coaching for business leaders and owners. With a distinguished background as CEO of a Group Health Plan, Sharon’s expertise lies in guiding leaders and businesses to sustainable growth strategies. Her acclaimed book The Balancing Act serves as the cornerstone of CCC’s six-point system, emphasizing holistic success. Through her pragmatic approach and international perspective, Sharon elevates individuals and organizations to new heights of achievement and well-being.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Sharon Seivert talks about her background
  • Sharon discusses common causes of work-related stress
  • What inspired Sharon to establish CORE Coaching & Consulting?
  • Why diversity and inclusion are vital to Sharon’s coaching services
  • How to be a holistic leader
  • Sharon talks about how she addresses challenges she faces in the coaching field

In this episode…

Building an inclusive workplace is not just a moral imperative but a strategic necessity in today’s diverse world. Fostering an environment where every individual feels valued and respected both enhances employee satisfaction and drives innovation and productivity. How can organizations proactively address challenges to create a culture of diversity and inclusivity in the workplace?

Leadership coach Sharon Seivert offers a transformative approach to leadership development and workplace well-being. Through her holistic coaching methodologies, she guides leaders to reclaim their power, cultivate inclusive environments, and navigate challenges with resilience. Through her transformative approach, Sharon also helps leaders align their core values with their professional endeavors, fostering sustainable success and personal fulfillment. As an advocate for diversity and inclusion, she believes in creating workplaces where every individual’s voice is valued and respected. To cultivate a more inclusive workplace culture, prioritize values-based leadership, actively promote diversity and inclusion initiatives, and empower employees to voice their perspectives without fear of reprisal.

In this episode of the Top Business Leaders Show, Rise25’s Chad Franzen sits down with Sharon Seivert, the CEO of CORE Coaching & Consulting, LLC, to talk about navigating challenges to build an inclusive workplace. Sharon discusses common reasons people are suffering in the workplace, why diversity and inclusion matter in coaching, and how to be a holistic leader.

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Episode Transcript

Intro 0:04

Welcome to the Top Business Leaders Show. Powered by Rise25 media, we feature top founders, executives and business leaders from all over the world.

Chad Franzen 0:14

Chad Franzen here co-host of the Top Business Leaders Show where we feature CEOs, entrepreneurs, and top leaders in the business world. This episode is brought to you by Rise25 b2b businesses reach their dream relationships and connect with more clients referrals and strategic partnerships and get ROI through done for you podcasts. If you have a b2b business and want to build great relationships, there’s no better way to do it than to profile the companies and people you admire on your podcast. To learn more, go to or email us at My guest today is Sharon Seivert, the leader of core coaching and consulting Sharon has a strong background and leadership having previously served as the CEO of a Group Health Plan, where she received cheaped an industry record for the earliest ever break. She is also the author of The Balancing Act a foundational book that introduced a six point system and is used by CCC her her CORE Coaching and Consulting. With a dual US and EU citizenship, Sharon values her inner international connections and enjoys spending time with her family, friends, colleagues and clients. When not coaching leaders are writing books she can be found in her front yard on the north shore of Boston. Hey, Sharon, thanks so much for joining me today. How are you?

Sharon Seivert 1:37

I am very good. It’s so nice to see you. And just for reference the name is Seivert it’s that Germanic and French debate about how to pronounce the e i o. So it’s spelled e i but it’s pronounced I. So that’s that’s my but I answered anything pretty much.

Chad Franzen 1:37

That is something I should have asked you about before I started recording. And I’ve heard it pronounced other ways. So I just assumed but I Okay. Sharon Seivert Hey, so, so tell me kind of about. I know, as I mentioned who you are, you’re the leader of CORE Coaching and Consulting. But tell me about your journey kind of leading up to that point and maybe some of your the highlights of your background.

Sharon Seivert 2:18

Okay. Right, we’ll start. That’s a very good question. And I grew up in the Midwest, I was born here in Boston, but I grew up in the Midwest, and very early came to a realization about social justice issues. Because I was a Catholic, one of the paper lists in a very small town that had the Klan, and you can see from American politics, how things are, you know, recycling back to these issues. So, very early on, I had a mission driven desire to help people who were I guess, marginalized. And in truth, a lot of my clients are people who are really great inventors and innovators and, and entrepreneurs, and they’re not in the mainstream. So that’s, that’s, those are my people I love I joke about our brain on the what is that the island of broken toys, whatever that is, we have all of these people, but but they’re, they’re really movers and shakers. And those are what I enjoy working with. I guess the other part of my journey that’s really important is that my brother John died in a workplace accident. When I was in my 30s, he was in his 20s. And And ever since that moment, I have been trying to reduce the pain and suffering of people in the workplace. Because that was unnecessary. There’s so much unnecessary suffering and humiliation and shaming and marginalizing in the workplace. So we love my, my folks and I love to work with, with people who want to reduce the suffering in their workplaces, have people thrive, be more creative, be happy for their families, that whole business. So we’re trying to create an upward spiral?

In what ways? In what ways do you feel like our common, what are common ways that you feel people are suffering in the workplace?

They’re often very heavily rule bound, working, working to rule not allowing some ideas that would really help the organization be more profitable, not really allowing those ices to come. A lot of people who are in some of the managerial positions are keeping people down because of fear. So fear is the is really the scourge of the workplace. The people who are managerial afraid of losing their jobs, people below them afraid of losing their jobs. So it’s kind of a it’s a toxic element in workplaces. So to the degree we try to help people a lot really claim their powers and I talk more about the powers we have them claim, but when they’re working from power, they’re less susceptible to force and counter force. That’s what kills this us all is all of this effort and force and counter force. And meanwhile, the organization is not thriving.

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