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Ingrid RomeroIngrid Romero is a longtime business coach, entrepreneur, and performance specialist with Insperity. She spent 18 years as an executive in the fitness industry. Ingrid wants to see people thrive in life and believes the best leaders demonstrate accountability, commitment, and action — which in today’s landscape can be challenging. Today, Ingrid’s mission is to help business leaders develop the best human capital strategy to ensure they have an engaged workforce so that their businesses will thrive.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Ingrid Romero shares how she shifted from business and accounting to exercise physiology
  • How Ingrid transitioned and became a performance specialist
  • The parallels between business and fitness
  • Ingrid talks about Insperity’s experience during the pandemic
  • Ingrid’s observations on the economy coming out of the pandemic

In this episode…

Sometimes, our lives follow a particular path, and then it turns out that’s not where our heart truly belongs. When this happens, are you willing to start over again, or will you follow your current trajectory?

According to Ingrid Romero, you have to listen to what your heart tells you. While attending college and studying business and accounting, she realized she had no passion for that line of work and wanted to go into exercise physiology instead. That led her to become an executive in the fitness industry, where she taught and coached gym owners on how to grow their businesses. Working in the corporate world for a while, she ran a team of 6,000 to 8,000 trainer instructors across the country. As circumstances changed, Ingrid looked to find a new path and passion, and she pulled all her strengths together and eventually became a performance specialist with Insperity.

In this episode, host John Corcoran sits down with Ingrid Romero, a longtime business coach, entrepreneur, and performance specialist with Insperity. Ingrid talks about what attracted her to performance coaching. She also shares how her career path shifted and how she found her true passion.

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Episode Transcript

Intro 0:02

Welcome to the Rising Entrepreneurs Podcast where we feature top founders and entrepreneurs and their journey. Now let’s get started with the show. 

John Corcoran 0:13

Hi, welcome everyone, John Corcoran here and the co host of this show. And so for those of you who are new to listening to this particular podcast, you can check out our archives, you got all kinds of interesting interviews with smart CEOs, founders and entrepreneurs of all kinds of different companies. And I personally, my day job is as co founder of Rise25i, where I help connect b2b business owners to their ideal prospects. And I also serve as the marketing communications chair for the EO San Francisco chapter. And I’m gonna get to our guests in a moment who’s going to be talking a bit about how businesses can collectively work together to lower their costs when it comes to benefits and health insurance and things like that. Such an important topic, we’re gonna talk about that. Before we do, of course, this episode brought to you by EO San Francisco, and EO they are Entrepreneurs Organizations a global peer to peer network of more than 16,000 Plus influential business owners with 200 chapters in 60 plus countries. And if you are the founder, co founder owner or controlling shareholder of a company that generates over a million dollars a year in revenues, and you want to connect with other like minded successful entrepreneurs, EO is for you in the EO San Francisco chapter. He was leading entrepreneurs in the Bay Area to learn, grow and achieve greater success. And if you go to, you can learn all about what we do over there. All right, and my guest here today is Ingrid Romero. She is a longtime business coach, entrepreneur, Performance Specialist with Insperity, she spent 18 years and executive in the fitness industry. And we’re going to get into her background and what she did in there and how it relates to what she does now. And Insperity also very generous to be a sponsor of the EO San Francisco chapter, we’re really proud to have them as a partner helping our businesses to grow. But Ingrid, let’s get into your backstory because you got this really interesting background background. You were studying business and accounting in school and then like many do, you are in college and you realize, no passion for this, I would like to go into exercise physiology. And your dad, what would your dad say that he wasn’t too thrilled about that idea?

Ingrid Romero 2:19

Well, he wasn’t. I will tell you he wasn’t very. And he’s, he’s a really supportive guy. So I gotta I gotta put that out there love my dad very supportive, like heroic to me on so many levels. That was a very difficult conversation. Because I was in the middle of my senior year. Oh, so you know that the the end line, the finish line is in sight. And I had a conversation I said, I just don’t think this is what I want to do. And it pretty much was too bad. You can go back and do the fun stuff later. But you’re going to finish and this will be good for you no matter what. It’s kind of like eating your vegetables, you’re going to finish the business degree, it’s general, you’ll use it no matter what you do. You’re gonna finish. Okay. Okay.

John Corcoran 3:03

And was he an entrepreneur himself or in accounting business?

Ingrid Romero 3:07

Not at all. He’s a surgeon. Not at all. That maybe that was it? Maybe he didn’t understand the drive? I don’t know. He’s

John Corcoran 3:17

been through many years of schooling No, and probably experienced the, you know, the kind of doubts that you get at different points along the way. Well, I

Ingrid Romero 3:25

think that I think he knew what he wanted to do at a young age. And so I don’t know that he understood that why would change that took so suddenly, but I will tell you that I so I graduated, and then I did the job for about a year and felt like I’d rather stick a pencil in my eye, then continue. And so then I had another conversation with my dad, and said, so I’m going to quit, and I have a job opportunity to go in the gym and start working in the gym full time. And he said, What are you going to get paid? I said, Well, it’s about 50% of what I’m getting paid now. But there’s a room that I live in that’s like, attached to the gym. So it’s rent free. There you go. And he says, You know what, now’s the time to go do it. You’re 22 years old, go do it. Now, you’ll always you can always come back and get a real job later.

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