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Embarking on the journey of agency leadership demands a unique blend of resilience, adaptability, and a profound understanding of the industry. Rise25 spoke with 20 seasoned leaders who shared invaluable insights from years of experience. Their advice ranges from staying true to one’s strengths to developing people and processes to the foundational role of a positive internal culture. Each narrative offers a unique perspective, contributing to the rich tapestry of insights that shed light on the multifaceted nature of agency leadership.

Rise25 also explored each unique agency and its diverse journeys within the dynamic landscape of creative and marketing industries. We discovered the intricacies of a holistic approach to email marketing deliverability, dived into the narrative of a multicultural creative force, experienced the evolution of a public relations firm into a content marketing powerhouse, discovered the resilience of a design agency navigating transitions, and delved into further insights.

Theresa Bassett, The Diamond Group

The Diamond Group

Building and maintaining a thriving agency requires resilience, adaptability, grit, and a keen sense of self-awareness. Theresa Bassett, CEO of The Diamond Group, shares valuable insights from her 28 years of experience in the industry. In a dynamic business environment, she emphasizes embracing change, pivoting when necessary, and maintaining clarity. The ability to persist and stay true to your agency’s unique strengths rather than conform to industry trends is paramount. Theresa encourages agency owners to focus on being the best version of their agency, honing their superpowers, and cultivating a culture of growth.

As the leader of The Diamond Group, Theresa has successfully guided the agency to specialize in professional service organizations, particularly in legal, financial, and healthcare services. The agency’s signature program, Momentum, unfolds as a multi-year process designed to provide clients with a strategic roadmap for double-digit growth. The Diamond Group prides itself on consolidating diverse marketing efforts into a cohesive, one-stop-shop solution. Over nearly three decades, the agency has demonstrated a commitment to excellence, helping businesses navigate the complexities of growth. The Diamond Group experienced rapid growth, expanding from four to 24 employees within 18 months. The lessons learned during this period underscore the importance of a solid foundation before scaling. Theresa advises agency owners to recognize that not all growth is equal and to take the time to slow down to speed up effectively.

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Eric Farmer, Wallaroo Media


In the dynamic world of digital marketing, Eric Farmer, CEO of Wallaroo Media, shares insights from his journey, offering valuable tips for those aspiring to run a thriving agency. According to Eric, the key to success lies in two fundamental aspects: processes and people. Eric emphasizes the significance of robust processes and systems, underscoring their role as the foundation for hiring the right team. By becoming experts in a specific area and building efficient systems around it, agencies can pave the way for scalable growth. Eric’s journey has been a testament to his resilience. Recounting a pivotal moment when he was unexpectedly dismissed from another agency five years ago, Eric acknowledges the initial shock and emotional impact. However, he now recognizes this event as a catalyst that led him to where he is today.

Founded in 2009 as an SEO and content agency, Wallaroo Media has evolved into an e-commerce-centric entity, excelling in scaling DTC brands on platforms like Facebook, Google (including YouTube), TikTok, and Pinterest. Wallaroo Media caters to brands with a Shopify website, aiming to collaborate with those that have already achieved product-market fit and boast a proven sales track record. The agency’s sweet spot lies in partnering with brands making at least $50,000 in monthly recurring revenue and guiding them toward reaching significant milestones, often exceeding $10 million in annual recurring revenue. Eric encourages a focus on meaningful connections rather than a purely transactional approach. By prioritizing relationships, agencies can foster client retention, leading to sustained growth in the long run.

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Alex Boyd, RevenueZen


The key to agency success lies in establishing solid processes, according to Alex Boyd, Founder of RevenueZen. Alex emphasizes the importance of building and documenting processes for every aspect of the business. He highlighted the challenge of transitioning from being a hands-on consultant to leading an agency, stressing that to scale effectively, agency owners must work towards making themselves operationally unnecessary. He suggests a gradual approach, starting with hiring individuals to handle specific tasks, thus allowing the owner to become more culturally influential rather than operationally indispensable.

Founded seven years ago, RevenueZen has established itself as a boutique-sized team of around 10 professionals. Specializing in B2B SEO and content marketing, the agency has successfully served over 280 clients, propelling brands to page one visibility for their target keywords. Aiming primarily at B2B companies with one to five marketers on their team, RevenueZen’s services extend to various industries, including funded VB software companies, FPNA platforms, InsureTech, FinTech, and other business-focused sectors. Notably, Alex highlighted the agency’s commitment to “walking the walk,” as evidenced by their high ranking in searches for “B2B SEO agency.”

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Rhea Allen, Peppershock Media

peppershock media

As Rhea Allen, President and CEO of Peppershock Media, can attest, a thriving agency needs the agility to navigate a complex landscape of challenges and the adaptability to cater to diverse client needs. She shares a crucial tip for agency success: “Your brand starts from the inside out in your culture.” She emphasized the significance of fostering a positive work environment. Even in situations where remote work is prevalent, she stresses the importance of cultivating a culture where employees feel supported and valued. According to Rhea, happy team members translate to satisfied clients. This insight underscores the foundational role of a healthy internal culture in driving an agency’s success.

Peppershock Media, with its 20-year legacy, stands as a testament to adaptability and versatility. As a full-service advertising agency, it offers creative production services, positioning itself as an outsourced marketing department for clients requiring comprehensive solutions. Peppershock’s clientele spans from Fortune 500 companies to startups, showcasing a diverse portfolio that includes sectors such as healthcare, senior care, tourism, and professional services. Notably, the agency navigated challenges during the pandemic, executing awareness campaigns, including vital health initiatives. Rhea also highlights their commitment to continuous improvement, participating in peer groups and mentoring programs to stay connected and informed. With a focus on healthcare, senior care, and professional services, Peppershock Media remains a dynamic player in the advertising field, embodying the resilience needed to thrive in the ever-evolving industry.

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Erik Radle, Miller Ad Agency

Miller Ad Agency

In the ever-evolving advertising world, Erik Radle, CEO of Miller Ad Agency, shares a valuable tip for running a thriving agency: prioritize your people. Erik emphasizes the significance of assembling a team of passionate, adaptable individuals willing to learn and embrace challenges. The agency’s unique approach involves saying yes to projects that ignite a sense of passion or energy from either the team or the client. Erik acknowledges the importance of maintaining an experimental nature within the office, fostering an environment where team members continuously improve their skill sets. However, he admits that building the right team remains his greatest strength and challenge, highlighting the ongoing struggle to align individual talents with the agency’s evolving needs.

Founded 40 years ago, Miller Ad Agency initially focused on the automotive industry. Over time, Erik recognized the need to diversify the agency’s client base to keep the team engaged and challenged. Today, Miller Ad Agency stands out by taking on projects across various verticals, driven by a genuine interest in the client’s passion and energy. The agency’s left-brain approach, led by Erik’s operational expertise, emphasizes the importance of having a solid business plan before delving into advertising strategies. Notably, Miller Ad Agency has turned down 30–35% of incoming projects, showcasing a commitment to projects that align with the team’s passions and the client’s enthusiasm. As the agency continues to thrive, Erik acknowledges the challenge of balancing talent acquisition with rising pay scales, aiming to ensure the agency’s growth aligns with the team’s capabilities and financial viability.

LinkedIn: Erik Radle on LinkedIn, Miller Ad Agency


Michele Krohn, Full Circle PR

Full Circle PR

In public relations and marketing agencies, Michele Krohn, Founder and Managing Partner of Full Circle PR, shares insights gained from 16 years at the helm. Her key tip for running a thriving agency? Unyielding resilience. Michele underscores the necessity of weathering the industry’s inevitable ups and downs, emphasizing that agency ownership demands a tenacious spirit. Full Circle PR’s success story is rooted in its specialized focus on healthcare, offering services tailored exclusively for medical practices. Michele’s advice to burgeoning agencies includes the crucial aspect of team building, recognizing the pivotal role of a dedicated team in an agency’s triumph.

Full Circle PR is a healthcare-exclusive agency specializing in public relations, marketing, and crisis communication. The agency’s commitment to a personalized approach has resulted in a track record of success in establishing new practices and enhancing the reputations of medical entities. Michele also highlights the agency’s ongoing evolution in content marketing, acknowledging the need to prioritize its content strategy. Her parting advice rings with experience: diversify your client portfolio and avoid dependence on a single major client, a lesson learned from years of navigating the unpredictable landscape of agency-client relationships.

Learn more: Michele Krohn on LinkedIn, Full Circle PR


Nile Livingston, Creative Repute

Creative Repute

Founded by Nile Livingston, Creative Repute LLC is an award-winning graphic design and website development agency with a unique focus on transformative brands dedicated to positive societal and environmental impact. Nile’s tip for running a successful agency underscores the importance of a reliable accountant, emphasizing effective cash flow management, projection understanding, and meticulous project budgeting. This financial foundation ensures stability and facilitates steady growth, providing a universal insight applicable to diverse businesses seeking success in the dynamic world of creative agencies.

However, Nile acknowledges the challenge of bootstrapping Creative Repute, opting for deliberate, albeit slower, growth without external capital or funding. The agency’s intentional client selection and reliance on contractors present the intricacies of balancing diverse specialists with different schedules. Nile’s journey offers valuable lessons in entrepreneurship, showcasing the delicate equilibrium between financial prudence and strategic expansion. Creative Repute’s client acquisition strategy involves robust local SEO for visibility and actively pursuing Requests for Proposals (RFPs), aligning with clients ready to invest in their creative needs. Nile’s insights provide a compelling narrative for entrepreneurs, emphasizing the fusion of financial acumen, intentional client selection, and strategic marketing for sustained success in the competitive landscape of creative agencies.

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Katy Thorbahn, Shiny Agency

Shiny Agency

With a career spanning from global agencies to founding Shiny Agency, Katy Thorbahn emphasizes the pivotal role of the team in agency success. The key, she believes, lies in hiring talented individuals and empowering them to thrive. For aspiring agency owners, Katy offers this tip: be prepared for the unexpected responsibilities of business ownership. While the passion for solving client challenges is a driving force, managing the health and profitability of the business, ensuring team well-being, and navigating the intricacies of cash flow are equally critical. Katy underscores the significance of balancing creative aspirations and the practicalities of sustaining a thriving agency.

Shiny Agency, where Katy serves as President and CEO, specializes in helping established financial services companies navigate the complex landscape of customer engagement and loyalty. Katy explains that her team’s expertise lies in driving impactful and helpful experiences, primarily in the digital space, including content creation, user experience design, and digital marketing. While focusing on scaled, prominent financial services companies, Shiny Agency also collaborates with startups, tackling challenges and leveraging opportunities presented by both ends of the business spectrum.

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Julian Pscheid, Emerge


As Co-founder, CEO, and CTO at Emerge, Julian Pscheid faces the perpetual challenge of navigating the ebb and flow in clients’ businesses, particularly in determining the balance between internal and external handling of digital product work. The agency’s commitment to providing continuous value to clients necessitates staying ahead of industry cycles. Julian underscores the importance of remaining adaptable to client needs, ensuring Emerge’s continued success in the dynamic digital space. His top tip for running a thriving agency centers around falling in love with the problem rather than fixating on a specific solution. Julian emphasizes the importance of focusing on long-term product strategies, urging agencies to keep the client’s business challenges at the forefront.

As for Emerge, the Portland-based agency has thrived for over 20 years, establishing itself as a leading UX design agency and digital product consultancy. Specializing in B2B sectors such as technology, healthcare, and manufacturing, Emerge offers a tailored suite of services, including UX/UI design, product strategy, and full-stack development. The agency’s unique approach combines deep UX design expertise with innovative digital product strategy, setting new standards in the digital landscape. Emerge’s story is one of resilience, having successfully navigated industry changes through strategic adaptations and consistently aligning its focus with the changing demands of clients in the digital realm.

Learn more: Julian Pscheid on LinkedIn, Emerge

Frank O’Brien, Five Tier

Five Tier

Running an agency comes with challenges, as Frank O’Brien, Founder and CEO of Five Tier, candidly discusses. The struggle to differentiate in a crowded market is a universal obstacle, especially for a company like Five Tier, which defies easy categorization. Frank emphasizes the importance of establishing a unique point of differentiation and navigating the initial challenges of securing clients. In an industry where being a pioneer requires constant adaptation and a deep understanding of technology, what’s Frank’s tip for running a thriving agency? Embrace technology, as it can revolutionize the creation of integrated campaigns, making the process efficient and impactful.

Five Tier has become the go-to platform for communication, organization, automation, intelligence, and service. Described as the “Bloomberg Terminal for 21st-century operations” and a marketing “agency in a box,” Five Tier caters to businesses of all sizes. Its lifespan is marked by continuous innovation, stemming from Frank’s realization that technology can outshine traditional methods. The platform streamlines campaign creation, allowing users to orchestrate campaigns across various channels in minutes. From digital billboards that adapt to passersby to solving the challenge of signing developers familiar with cutting-edge technology, Five Tier stands at the forefront of marketing technology.

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Heath Weaver, Essence of Email

Essence of Email

Heath Weaver, the Managing Director of Essence of Email, says the heart of his agency’s success is a commitment to email marketing, a channel often underestimated but, as Heath emphasizes, profoundly impactful. He highlights the need to identify your agency’s unique qualities and constantly communicate that message. In an industry where clients act as your bosses, delivering on promises and providing tangible value is paramount. According to Heath, the challenge lies in pleasing numerous clients, who can swiftly sever ties if their expectations go unfulfilled. It’s a delicate balancing act where client satisfaction is the ultimate barometer of success.

Essence of Email sets itself apart with its holistic approach to deliverability, introducing a unique ranking factor akin to SEO. Heath emphasizes their ability to analyze seven categories impacting deliverability, providing clients with metrics reports and innovative solutions. The agency also offers standalone email design services, reinforcing its versatility in addressing various client needs. Essence of Email thrives on understanding the intricacies of email marketing and leveraging their expertise to exceed client expectations.

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David Nobs, Lavidge


David Nobs, the Managing Director of Lavidge, candidly shares one of his agency’s challenges: clients who withhold crucial information. Lavidge thrives on collaboration, digging deep into clients’ businesses to provide effective solutions. The challenge arises when clients keep particular discussions off-limits, hindering the agency’s ability to propose comprehensive solutions. David stresses the agency’s commitment to problem-solving and collaboration, acknowledging the fine line between client service and leading the client. For Lavidge, success is not just about delivering services but actively guiding clients with insights into industry trends and best practices, showcasing a commitment to holistic partnership and sustainable growth.

As for Lavidge, the Phoenix-based agency has evolved since its inception in the 80s. Initially an advertising agency, Lavidge expanded to include PR in the 90s and digital marketing in the 2000s. More recently, they ventured into multicultural marketing, specifically focusing on Hispanic marketing in the Southwest. Lavidge prides itself on being a full-service integrated agency, offering everything from branding and corporate identity to media planning, digital marketing, PR, and more. David attributes Lavidge’s success to its adaptability, subscribing to best practices through organizations like Mirren and constantly seeking innovative solutions.

Learn more: David Nobs on LinkedIn, Lavidge

Simon Erich, Trooper External Application Maintenance LLC


As a seasoned entrepreneur with a rich history in digital and creative agencies, Simon Erich, Founder and CEO of Trooper External Application Maintenance LLC, emphasizes fostering collaboration within the agency community. He advises agency owners to engage in open conversations with peers, transcending competition and forming a supportive network. The collaborative approach, exemplified by his agency owners group, Agent-C, powerfully supports tackling challenges and capitalizing on opportunities in the ever-evolving industry.

Simon’s latest venture, Trooper External Application Maintenance LLC, addresses a critical gap in the market—proactive and comprehensive external application maintenance. Trooper focuses on securing and updating digital assets for agencies and small business owners, alleviating the challenges posed by conflicting developers, WordPress versions, and plugin variations. Beyond maintenance, Trooper offers an additional updates service, providing clients with a reliable team for content updates, plugin additions, and modifications. With Simon’s extensive background in digital agencies, Trooper demonstrates his commitment to streamlining operations and ensuring the longevity of digital assets in an ever-changing landscape. Amidst the changing agency landscape, Trooper’s services become essential for maintaining a secure and up-to-date digital presence, allowing businesses to thrive confidently.

Learn more: Simon Erich on LinkedIn, Trooper External Application Maintenance LLC


Ricardo Mendoza, Cynosure Creative Agency


A successful creative agency in the digital space requires more than just marketing expertise; it demands a keen understanding of the business landscape surrounding it. Ricardo Mendoza, Founder and CEO of Cynosure Creative Agency, shares a valuable tip for budding agency owners: don’t underestimate the importance of business fundamentals. Ricardo emphasizes the need to grasp essential elements like taxes, financial planning, and incentives. Through his past failures, he learned that mastering these aspects is crucial for long-term success. While competition is welcome, navigating the business side of running an agency is a challenge that demands attention and diligence.

Cynosure Creative Agency, a multicultural creative force specializing in the digital realm, has thrived under Ricardo’s leadership for six years. Originating from humble beginnings—two individuals working from a dining room table—the agency quickly gained momentum, securing its first project and growing steadily. Today, with a team of 20 individuals spanning 10 states, Cynosure maintains a significant influence in the entertainment sector. Beyond television and film, the agency is expanding its horizons, connecting with brands in the consumer packaged goods sector. Ricardo reflects on the perennial challenge agencies face—how to sustain growth and consistently improve the quality of their work. For Cynosure, this challenge is not just a cliché; it’s a continuous journey toward expanding horizons and enhancing their creative contributions to the communities they serve.

Learn more: Ricardo Mendoza on LinkedIn, Cynosure Creative Agency

Dawn Newsome, Moonlight Creative Group

Moonlight Creative Group

One of the challenges Dawn Newsome, the owner of Moonlight Creative Group, acknowledges in running an agency is the constant need to keep the pipeline stocked with new clients. With a history of long-lasting client relationships, finding new partners who align with Moonlight’s vision and approach remains a perpetual task. This challenge reflects the constantly changing creative industry, where agencies must prove their worth and stay on top of trends. As Moonlight Creative Group thrives, Dawn remains dedicated to maintaining a transparent and adaptive agency culture, ensuring that each client’s unique journey receives creativity and integrity and achieves success.

Established in 1996, Moonlight Creative Group has become a beacon of creativity, winning over 100 awards for its design work and business accomplishments. As a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and a Minority and Woman Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) recognized by the City of Charlotte, the agency has demonstrated its commitment to excellence. Moonlight’s services span traditional graphic design and branding across various industries, showcasing their versatility and expertise. Its client-focused approach has allowed Moonlight to retain long-term partnerships and attract new clients seeking unique and impactful branding solutions.

Learn more: Dawn Newsome on LinkedIn, Moonlight Creative Group


Brad Kostka, Roop & Co. Strategic Integrated Communication

Strategy, team management, and industry expertise are essential ingredients in running a thriving agency, according to Brad Kostka, President of Roop & Co. Strategic Integrated Communication. With over 25 years of experience, Brad shares this key tip for success: take care of your people. Establishing a conducive environment, hiring talented individuals, and allowing them the autonomy to excel in their roles form the foundation of a prosperous agency. Brad emphasizes the importance of creating a culture that fosters growth, providing necessary tools, and then stepping back to let the team shine. Agencies can ensure client satisfaction, successful outcomes, and sustainable business growth by investing in their teams.

Roop & Co., rooted in public relations, has evolved into a comprehensive content marketing firm. Established more than two decades ago, the agency primarily serves two key client categories: B2B manufacturers in building materials or construction chemicals and coatings and financial services, notably specializing in private equity. The agency’s services encompass strategic planning and executing various communication channels, including news releases, brochures, websites, and videos. Roop & Co. prides itself on being communication channel-agnostic, focusing on reaching target audiences effectively. The agency’s longevity in the industry and its commitment to adapting to evolving communication landscapes showcase its resilience and dedication to delivering quality services to its diverse clientele.

Learn more: Brad Kostka on LinkedIn, Roop & Co. Strategic Integrated Communication


Curt Green, Dallas SEO Dogs

Dallas SEO Dogs

For Curt Green, Co-founder and CEO of Dallas SEO Dogs, the journey has been a fascinating blend of challenges, growth, and adaptation. One key lesson he shares is the importance of managing growth carefully. In pursuit of success, Dallas SEO Dogs experienced rapid expansion, reaching a point where servicing clients became daunting. According to Curt, the challenge of growing too fast hampers client service and poses difficulties in retaining top talent. In addressing these challenges, Curt emphasizes building solid relationships with employees. In a talent-driven industry, retaining skilled professionals demands more than competitive compensation. Dallas SEO Dogs prioritizes understanding their team members’ preferences, providing growth opportunities, and fostering a work environment that promotes collaboration and trust.

Originating as a web design company, Dallas SEO Dogs transitioned its focus to SEO in the mid-2000s, garnering local and national recognition for its expertise. Despite success in SEO, Curt reveals their ongoing initiative to launch a new brand—one that reflects a more digital-agnostic approach. This strategic move aims to showcase the agency’s prowess in SEO and other essential digital marketing services, including paid search, social advertising, and content creation. As the digital marketing landscape becomes increasingly competitive, Dallas SEO Dogs is navigating these challenges by rebranding and expanding its service offerings. This shift aligns with Curt’s acknowledgment of the saturated market and the need to explore diverse marketing channels beyond their traditional reliance on search.

Learn more: Curt Green on LinkedIn, Dallas SEO Dogs


Kathryn Kiel, Top Shelf Design

Top Shelf Design

Adaptability and a willingness to embrace change are requirements for running a thriving agency, as Top Shelf Design Owner Kathryn Kiel knows all too well. Reflecting on her 19 years of experience in the industry, Kathryn emphasized the importance of avoiding complacency and staying open to innovation. According to Kathryn, a monthly lunch chat meeting provides a platform for her team to brainstorm ideas, explore new technologies like AI, and address any bottlenecks in their processes. This commitment to ongoing improvement and a culture encouraging every team member to contribute ideas have been central to Top Shelf Design’s success.

Top Shelf Design, a company with a rich history spanning almost two decades, has weathered various phases and transitions. Originally founded and run by Kathryn’s then-husband, the agency took a turn four years ago when Kathryn became the sole proprietor following a divorce. Now, alongside her business partner, Kathryn is determined to elevate Top Shelf Design to new heights. The agency specializes in print and website design and development, offering comprehensive services that include branding for conferences, impactful reports, and sustainability reports. While their target market is broad, associations and nonprofits stand out as their wheelhouse. Kathryn’s dedication to adapting to contemporary demands and her agency’s various services establish Top Shelf Design as a dynamic and forward-thinking agency within the continuously evolving design landscape.

Learn more: Kathryn Kiel on LinkedIn, Top Shelf Design


Jill Tapia, Cornerstone Strategic Branding


Running a successful agency in the dynamic packaging design world is no easy feat, but Jill Tapia, CEO of Cornerstone Strategic Branding, has navigated the challenges with finesse. With over three decades of industry experience, Jill shares a valuable tip for agency success: maintain a happy and engaged team. Jill emphasizes the importance of team satisfaction, especially in the ever-evolving landscape of remote work. The shift to remote work, accelerated by the COVID pandemic, has presented opportunities and obstacles. Jill notes the difficulty of maintaining the creative spark and spontaneous interactions crucial for the design process in a remote setting. Additionally, she addresses the profound impact on relationship building, noting that the chemistry essential for gaining trust is difficult to establish through online interactions.

Founded 32 years ago, Cornerstone Strategic Branding has evolved under Jill’s leadership to become a prominent player in the packaging design arena. Specializing in consumer packaged goods, the agency has cultivated expertise in the food, beverage, and candy industries. Noteworthy clients, such as Gorton’s Frozen Seafood, exemplify the ideal partnerships Jill values – clients who are collaborative, intelligent, and willing to involve the agency at every level. From managing photo shoots to providing comprehensive packaging and press support, Cornerstone Strategic Branding offers a full-service relationship customized to meet each client’s unique needs.

Learn more: Jill Tapia on LinkedIn, Cornerstone Strategic Branding


Charlie Lebess, Artex Productions


Charlie Lebess, Partner and Managing Director at Artex Productions, highlights the effectiveness of a winning formula that combines exceptional service, referrals, and smart SEO.

Charlie emphasizes the importance of maintaining a balance between professionalism and fun, ensuring solid relationships with clients, and creating a positive work environment for the team. The combination of this approach and excellent creative output is the secret sauce that keeps clients coming back. New agencies entering the competitive field should heed Charlie’s valuable advice: “Don’t grow too fast.” Emphasizing the importance of being as small as possible and only as large as necessary, he highlights the significance of a strong leadership team wearing multiple hats.

In the world of video production, where creativity meets business acumen, Artex Productions stands out as a full-service company that manages projects from creative development to post-production, all in-house. The agency faced a significant challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic when close collaboration in physical spaces was necessary. Charlie highlights the company’s resilience by expanding into animation, allowing it to continue growing despite the restrictions. This adaptive response helped them navigate the challenges posed by the pandemic and enhanced their capabilities, leading to a more robust post-production and animation offering. Established relationships and a prominent online presence contribute to Artex’s success in marketing, as the company relies heavily on referrals and organic search engine optimization efforts. While Artex previously employed social media and display advertising, the core approach continues to be delivering quality work and enabling satisfied clients to spread the word.

Learn more: Charlie Lebess on LinkedIn, Artex Productions