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Rise25 recently engaged with 20 leaders in the digital marketing agency space, uncovering valuable insights applicable across the industry. These seasoned professionals emphasized common themes for running a successful agency, such as prioritizing team well-being, maintaining a positive work culture, and strategically saying no to clients that don’t align with the agency’s values. Delegation emerged as a crucial practice to avoid burnout and promote growth, with an emphasis on finding the right balance between client satisfaction and operational efficiency.

The featured agencies encompass a diverse range of backgrounds and specializations. Some, initially rooted in unconventional beginnings, have evolved into full-service agencies, demonstrating resilience and adaptability. Boutique agencies have successfully transitioned from infomercials and direct response marketing, while others focus on specific niches like SEO and friendly client relationships. Strategic shifts towards becoming fractional marketing agencies or adapting to industry changes showcase the agility needed for sustained success. The collective experiences underline the importance of unique methodologies, adaptability, and client-centric approaches as key contributors to navigating the dynamic landscape of digital marketing.

Suzy Da Silva, Competitive Edge

Competetive Edge

In the realm of marketing agencies, Suzy Da Silva, CEO of Competitive Edge, reveals a distinctive approach to success: placing the utmost importance on the well-being of her team. According to Suzy, the secret to running a thriving agency lies in cultivating a positive work environment where employees are not just respected but are also genuinely invested in the agency’s success. This emphasis on employee satisfaction translates into exceptional customer service and fosters enduring client relationships, making it a unique lesson in a field often dominated by industry-specific strategies.

Competitive Edge, labeled a boutique agency, boasts an unconventional origin rooted in infomercials and direct response marketing. Evolving from TV infomercials to a full-service media agency, Competitive Edge is renowned for its seasoned professionals and comprehensive services spanning television, radio, print, and digital media. With a strong emphasis on measurable success and personalized client relationships, the agency has carved a niche in consumer packaged goods, shopper marketing, and the golf industry. Suzy’s commitment to a unique company culture, treating vendors as essential partners, and navigating the challenges of hiring skilled professionals reflect Competitive Edge’s resilience and adaptability in an ever-changing industry.

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Eric Ritter, Digital Neighbor

Digital Neighbor
Running a thriving agency requires a delicate balance of strategic decision-making and a commitment to your agency’s values. According to Eric Ritter, Founder and President of Digital Neighbor, one key tip for success is not being afraid to say no to potential clients. Eric emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive and productive work culture, ensuring that clients align with the agency’s values and goals. He believes that a strong cultural fit not only fosters a motivated and happy team but also leads to long-term client relationships. Despite the initial temptation to accept every client for revenue, Eric suggests that being selective during the vetting process ultimately contributes to the agency’s success.

Digital Neighbor, which recently celebrated its seventh anniversary this month, emerged as a passion project turned full-service SEO and digital marketing agency. Specializing in SEO, Eric sees it as more than just attention optimization—it’s the right way to build a lasting online presence. What sets Digital Neighbor apart is its commitment to being a “friendly SEO agency,” prioritizing compassion and genuine care for clients. Eric also delves into his personal brand, the SEO Sommelier, where he combines his passion for SEO and wine. Beyond Digital Neighbor, Ritter engages in consulting, offering businesses personalized SEO guidance. The agency’s success story highlights the significance of cultural fit in client relationships, echoing Eric’s tip to say no when necessary and focus on building meaningful, long-term connections.

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Danny Gavin, Optidge Internet Marketing Agency

Optide Internet Marketing Agency
Danny Gavin, Chief Strategist and Founder of Optidge Internet Marketing Agency, shares a crucial lesson for agency success – effective delegation. Recognizing the dangers of burnout, Danny emphasizes the importance of stepping back from day-to-day operations to scale and grow. His top tip for agency owners involves acknowledging the need for delegation, exemplified by his own experience in hiring a fractional COO. Danny’s advice centers on evaluating work-life balance and understanding that true success lies in the ability to delegate and transition from working in the business to working on it.

Established in 2010 as Danny’s solo consultancy, Optidge Internet Marketing Agency transitioned into a full-service digital marketing agency in 2017. With a team of around 30 professionals, Optidge specializes in SEO, paid search, and paid social, offering secondary services like web design, organic social, and email marketing. Tailoring its approach to medium-sized established businesses, the agency distinguishes itself by providing a comprehensive strategy through three separate business units. Optidge stands out in the digital landscape by catering to businesses seeking fresh starts after negative experiences with previous agencies, ensuring a client-focused and adaptive approach.

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Serena Mastin, Pulse Marketing

Pulse Marketing
Serena Mastin, Owner and President of Pulse Marketing, tells a compelling story of resilience and transformation in the realm of marketing agencies. Originally offering a broad spectrum of services, including video production and web design, Pulse Marketing faced a pivotal moment in 2020 with the sudden passing of Serena’s husband. In response, Serena spearheaded a strategic shift towards becoming a fractional marketing agency, emphasizing partnerships with clients and providing a range of services from consulting to project execution. Facing challenges of sustainability and the feast-or-famine nature of the industry, Serena’s top tip for agency success is rooted in adaptability and diversification. She underscores the importance of not only diversifying across industries but also offering a variety of services to support clients of different sizes, mitigating the impact of client losses in specific sectors.

Founded in 2013, Pulse Marketing has undergone a significant evolution, guided by Serena’s vision and adaptability. In response to unforeseen challenges, the agency has embraced change, redefining itself as a fractional marketing agency that acts as a seamless extension of clients’ teams. Pulse Marketing’s services span from consulting to comprehensive project execution, including brand revitalization and web design. Serena’s emphasis on sustaining a strong company culture and aligning team members with the agency’s vision reflects in the resilience exhibited by Pulse Marketing. With a focus on navigating the unpredictable nature of the industry, Pulse Marketing stands as a testament to the agility and diversification needed for long-term agency success.

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Elyse Lupin, Elysium Marketing Group

Elysium Marketing Group
In nearly a decade of navigating the dynamic landscape of marketing, Elyse Lupin, President and Founder of Elysium Marketing Group, emphasizes the paramount importance of surrounding oneself with exceptional individuals. For her, hiring the best people goes beyond subject matter expertise; it extends to fostering a team of good humans who genuinely enjoy collaborating and supporting each other. As the agency thrives amid busyness, Elyse attributes their success to the synergy created by a team that not only excels in their respective domains but also shares a camaraderie that strengthens the collective effort.

Elysium Marketing Group, approaching its ninth year, stands as a full-service agency with an in-house creative team and strategy team. Specializing in serving food and franchise clients, the agency’s journey into the food and franchise space was serendipitous. Elyse recalls the agency’s early days when they became the outsourced marketing arm for multi-unit food clients, immersing themselves deeply in the restaurant industry. This immersive experience paved the way for their foray into franchise marketing, culminating in a natural progression towards local store marketing and expanding into franchise development) through a robust SEO and PPC team. The agency’s longevity and success are a testament to Elyse’s strategic vision and commitment to building a close-knit, proficient team.

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Stephanie Krummenacker, MediaBrush Marketing

Media Brush Marketing
Stephanie Krummenacker, Founder of MediaBrush Marketing, offers this crucial advice for running a thriving agency: prioritize relationships and results. Embracing a holistic approach, Stephanie advises agencies to diversify their skill set rather than narrowing down to a specific niche. For MediaBrush Marketing, the key to scalability lies in strategic partnerships, allowing them to provide personalized consultation opportunities. Stephanie’s journey from a solo entrepreneur to leading a team of 10 emphasizes the significance of proving results and establishing strong relationships in the competitive world of digital marketing.

Founded in January 2019, MediaBrush Marketing has rapidly grown into a local marketing powerhouse based in upstate New York. Specializing in serving locally owned businesses, the agency offers a comprehensive range of services, from digital marketing and SEO to traditional mediums like TV and billboards. Overcoming challenges, including the initial hurdles of the COVID-19 pandemic, MediaBrush Marketing has expanded its reach nationwide. The agency’s commitment to community is evident in its decision to keep all 10 employees working locally, contributing to the region’s revitalization. With a focus on creativity, collaboration, and understanding diverse target audiences, MediaBrush Marketing stands as a testament to sustained success in the dynamic realm of digital marketing.

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Candy Harman, The Harman Media & Marketing Group

The Harman Media & Marketing Group
In the fast-paced realm of marketing, Candy Harman, President of The Harman Media & Marketing Group (THM2G), draws on her experience to offer this tip: “Hang on to your ass! Everything changes so quickly. Stay educated on the landscape.” Emphasizing the necessity of adaptability, Candy’s insight comes from her experience in managing the challenges of the industry’s ever-evolving landscape. Her biggest challenge lies in guiding clients through the expanding digital channels while maintaining a focus on a consistent and effective marketing strategy, preventing them from impulsively jumping between different approaches.

Founded in 1996 in Tampa and later expanding to Colorado Springs, THM2G distinguishes itself as a boutique marketing agency specializing in both digital and traditional advertising. Candy leads a diverse, in-house team of specialists offering a comprehensive suite of services, including web design, graphic design, SEO, paid search, media buying, branding, video production, and reputation management. With a firm commitment to the personal touch, THM2G thrives on connecting businesses with their communities. Candy’s agency stands as a testament to the success that comes from combining adaptability, expertise, and a focus on building strong client relationships in the ever-changing marketing landscape.

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George Musi, Solve(d)

George Musi, EVP and Global Managing Director of Solve(d), highlights the challenges of scaling agencies, underscoring the importance of controlled growth. He emphasizes the need to hire strategically, ahead of where the agency wants to be, and the value of investing in the right people, processes, and products for long-term success. By focusing on a three-year strategic horizon, defining clear roles, and aligning the team with the agency’s vision, George suggests a pragmatic approach to building and sustaining a thriving agency. One key lesson he’s learned is to focus on the right infrastructure—people, process, product, and platform. According to George, the most valuable asset for any agency is its employees. Finding, keeping, enabling, and empowering them are critical steps in building a successful agency.

Solve(d) stands as one of the largest agencies in the global advertising landscape. Specializing in health, wellness, and pharma communications, Solve(d) provides a range of services across creative strategy, media strategy, planning, buying, activation, and data analytics. The agency collaborates with a network of over 45 agencies worldwide, powering both communication and media agency services. Solve(d) focuses exclusively on the healthcare space, serving clients ranging from over-the-counter products to prescription medications. The agency’s expertise spans various medical conditions, therapeutic categories, and disease states, catering to a diverse range of clients, including patients, healthcare professionals, payers, and institutions like hospitals.

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Sarah Sansom, Cornerstone Strategic Branding Inc.

Cornerstone Strategic Branding
Sarah Sansom, Executive Director of Cornerstone Strategic Branding Inc., suggests striking a balance between structure and creative freedom when it comes to building and maintaining a successful agency. This delicate equilibrium not only fosters innovation but also allows the integration of fresh ideas from various industries, ensuring the agency remains dynamic and adaptable. In the face of the ever-evolving market, Sarah emphasizes the challenge of staying relevant for established agencies, especially when competing with newer, more agile counterparts. Maintaining strategic appeal while embracing innovation becomes crucial in preserving an agency’s identity while meeting the changing needs of clients.

Established in the early ’90s, Cornerstone Strategic Branding Inc. has been a stalwart in the branding, identity, and packaging design arena. Based in New York and boasting a team of around 20 professionals, the agency has successfully bridged the gap between serving Fortune 500 giants and supporting emerging companies for over three decades. With a robust structure applied to diverse assignments, Cornerstone Strategic Branding Inc. leverages its extensive experience to provide valuable insights and strategies to smaller, emerging businesses. From brand identity to packaging design, the agency’s commitment to staying current is evident through active self-marketing on platforms like LinkedIn, regular newsletters, website updates, networking events, and participation in trade fairs, showcasing a comprehensive approach to both its own promotion and client outreach.

Learn more: Sarah Sansom on LinkedIn, Cornerstone Strategic Branding Inc.


Ramin Jahedi, Black Ops Agency

Black Ops Agency
Ramin Jahedi, CEO of Black Ops Agency, encourages a unique approach to running a thriving agency. His tip centers on the vital elements of connection, education, and offering genuine value. Black Ops Agency follows a model called CEL – Connect, Educate, and Offer – prioritizing personal connections with clients, continuous learning, and providing tailored solutions over traditional selling. The challenge Ramin identifies is the need to educate clients on the time and consistency required for digital marketing success, emphasizing that viewing it as a process, akin to building long-term strength, is crucial in an era where instant gratification is often sought.

Founded on the principles of military work hours, Black Ops Agency operates as a close-knit unit, embodying a collaborative philosophy. Despite being a small team based in Austin, Texas, the agency offers a range of services. From building digital foundations for those establishing their online presence to providing comprehensive digital marketing tools and a bustling video production studio, Black Ops Agency caters to diverse client needs. The agency’s commitment to client connection, education, and tailored solutions sets it apart in the competitive digital marketing landscape, reflecting its dedication to navigating the complex terrain with a strategic and collaborative approach as it continues to grow and rebrand.

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Rory Holland, CSTMR

According to Rory Holland, Founder and CEO of CSTMR (pronounced customer), a key to agency success lies in fostering open lines of communication. Rory emphasizes the importance of clear communication within the agency, with clients, and among the broader community. For him, communication is the linchpin that ensures everyone is on the same page, marching in the same direction. Reflecting on the journey of building CSTMR, Holland shared a valuable lesson: the significance of choosing the right clients. He stressed the importance of chemistry and value alignment, noting that mutual respect and a commitment to shared goals are often underestimated. This strategic alignment, combined with open communication, has been crucial to CSTMR’s success.

Rory co-founded CSTMR almost a decade ago with a focus on specializing in FinTech and financial services. Based in Austin, Texas, CSTMR has evolved into a boutique agency known for its niche expertise. From strategy to full execution across organic and paid channels, including conversion optimization, web, and mobile design, CSTMR offers comprehensive services to help FinTech and financial brands grow. As the agency approaches its tenth year, Rory revealed plans to strengthen its own marketing efforts, with a focus on content marketing and video to showcase values and industry expertise.

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Staci Cretu, Uncommon Marketing Works

Running a successful agency, according to Staci Cretu, CEO of Uncommon Marketing Works, involves a certain key element: prioritizing client satisfaction. Staci emphasized the critical role of keeping existing clients happy, as their contentment often leads to valuable referrals. However, she also highlighted the ongoing challenges in the industry, particularly the struggle to find new clients and skilled individuals in the competitive market, exacerbated by the post-COVID tech boom’s impact on salary expectations.

Uncommon Marketing Works specializes in assisting high-growth startups and SMBs. The agency, with its predominantly female team, focuses on optimizing the entire revenue generation process for its clients. Their comprehensive approach combines marketing, sales, and customer journey strategies to drive scalable growth and operational efficiency. Established as a strategic partner for businesses navigating the complexities of the modern landscape, Uncommon Marketing Works continues to thrive by adapting to the changing dynamics of the industry.

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Steven Edelman, 360 MultiMedia

Connect 360 Multimedia
A delicate balance of innovation, adaptability, and a keen understanding of the evolving dynamics within the industry are essential for agency success, according to Steven Edelman, President and Founding Partner of Connect 360 MultiMedia. In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing and communication, Steven emphasizes the importance of educational publishing. He suggests focusing on content that not only promotes but educates, as seen through their Learning Center initiative. Steven underscores the challenge of finding the right balance between promotional content and genuinely educational material in an era where online engagement metrics can be elusive indicators of effectiveness.

Connect 360 MultiMedia has established itself as a prominent player in the communications market. The agency’s core strength lies in its ability to deliver high-impact PSA campaigns, making them a leader in the field. Despite facing competition, Connect 360 MultiMedia stands out with its unique approach, fortified by long-term client relationships and a commitment to providing valuable services that require infrastructure and expertise not easily replicated. As Steven reflects on his journey, it becomes evident that Connect 360 MultiMedia’s success is a testament to strategic decision-making, resilience, and a commitment to delivering impactful campaigns in the ever-evolving world of communications.

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Adam Lejeunekopp, Madak

In agency management, the path to success often involves strategic decisions and a willingness to evolve. Adam Lejeunekopp, CEO of Madak, notes the importance of finding a niche and excelling within it. While the advice to niche down is a classic one, Adam adds a twist by suggesting that focusing on the aspects of marketing you enjoy the most can lead to the greatest success. By delivering services aligned with your passion, you not only provide exceptional value to clients but also find fulfillment in your work, creating a recipe for sustained success.

As for Madak, the agency has navigated the competitive marketing landscape with a focus on content marketing. Specializing in web development primarily on the Webflow platform, Madak caters to clients in the sports and corporate industries. The company’s commitment to delivering a cohesive experience, from website development to CRM management and beyond, sets them apart. With a lifespan marked by learning experiences and a journey from starting out too wide to becoming more focused, Madak exemplifies the resilience needed to thrive in the agency world. As Adam looks ahead to 2024, the company aims to invest more in content marketing and brand building, showcasing a commitment to adapt and stay ahead in the ever-evolving marketing landscape.

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Lucien Choucroun, Hey Social

hey social
According to Lucien Choucroun, Co-Founder of Hey Social,, the key to a successful agency is to always keep the pipeline full. Even when capacity may be a challenge, continuous prospecting through traditional methods like cold emails and calls can yield surprising results. Doubling down on marketing and client acquisition, especially during peak times, has proven to be a successful formula for Hey Social, showcasing the effectiveness of persistent outreach and embracing conventional strategies. One of the significant challenges Lucien acknowledges is providing consistent quality and attention to detail as the client base grows. Clients seek a white-glove service, and striking the right balance between catering to individual needs and maintaining a personalized touch can be daunting. Ensuring that clients feel valued and attended to, even during non-business hours, is crucial for increasing retention rates and establishing long-term financial stability.

Shifting the focus to Hey Social, Lucien provides insights into the company’s evolution since its inception in 2019 as a media buying agency. Recognizing the shift in the industry dynamics with the iOS 14 update, Hey Social underwent a transformation in 2021, repositioning itself as an ad content agency with a strong media buying background. Specializing in running paid ads and creating engaging content, Hey Social aims to serve consumer brands in cosmetics, apparel, and supplements, as well as technology companies, including neo banks, apps, and B2B software. Lucien emphasizes the importance of testing hypotheses, a lesson learned from an earlier focus solely on brand content production.

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Scott Markman, Monogram Group

Monogram Group
Looking to build a successful agency? It’s no small feat, as Scott Markman, President of Monogram Group, can attest. According to Scott, claiming to excel at what you do is merely the price of entry in the competitive agency landscape. The real challenge lies in owning something unique and valuable. Scott emphasized the struggle of pursuing projects and contracts that are long-term yet often “one and done,” creating a constant need to secure new contracts. This “eat what you kill” mentality, as he put it, underscores the ongoing challenge of differentiation in a market flooded with talented agencies. Scott shared that Monogram Group’s response to this challenge has been a long-term conundrum, leading them to focus on building a roster of retained clients for sustained growth.

Monogram Group, celebrating its 34th year in business, stands as a testament to Scott’s strategic leadership and adaptability. Originally founded as a design firm in 1990, the agency evolved into a small ad agency before ultimately pivoting into a brand agency 18 years ago. Specializing in comprehensive brand development, Monogram Group engages with clients across various scenarios, from creating brands from scratch to rationalizing and evolving existing ones. The agency’s services encompass everything from research and strategy to design and stewardship, serving a diverse clientele ranging from $50 million B2B industrial companies to $4 billion global technology leaders. Despite its modest size, Monogram Group prides itself on being best-in-class, focusing on expertise in a narrow band of sectors rather than being a generalized agency. This strategic shift has been crucial in navigating the evolving landscape of marketing services, showcasing Monogram Group’s commitment to staying relevant and impactful in the industry.

Learn more: Scott Markman on LinkedIn, Monogram Group


Cash Miller, Titan Digital

Titan Digital
To keep a digital marketing agency thriving, Cash Miller, CEO of Titan Digital, shares this crucial tip: stay on top of industry changes. With over 30 people on board since its establishment in 2011, Titan Digital caters to a diverse clientele, specializing in location-based businesses such as insurance agencies and hardware stores. Cash emphasizes the importance of continuous education for both the staff and management to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of online marketing successfully. His advice extends to agency owners, urging them to understand the intricacies of their team’s roles, platforms, and dynamics to avoid misguided decisions that could strain client relationships.

Titan Digital, a full-service marketing agency, has carved its niche in website builds, programmatic advertising, pay-per-click, and social media services. While Cash acknowledges their preference for more established businesses, Titan Digital collaborates with startups and various enterprises, showcasing versatility. A unique aspect of Titan Digital’s approach lies in its global workforce, with half the team stationed in Costa Rica. Cash highlights the daily challenge of managing staff and suggests considering innovative solutions, such as building freelance or overseas teams, to address the scaling demands. For US-based agencies like Titan Digital, looking beyond borders becomes imperative to overcome both cost-related challenges and talent scarcity, ensuring sustained competitiveness in the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape.

Learn more:Cash Miller on LinkedIn, Titan Digital

Chad Markham, Allegiant Digital Marketing

Allegiant Digital Marketing
Chad Markham, Founder and CEO of Allegiant Digital Marketing, emphasizes the importance of the company’s character in setting the foundation for success. Allegiant adopts a partner-oriented approach, referring to clients as partners and providing not only essential services but also going above and beyond to offer support and expertise. Chad believes that operating with integrity and delivering an exceptional experience can transform short-term relationships into long-lasting partnerships. One of the significant challenges faced by digital marketing agencies, Chad says, is the ever-evolving nature of the industry. As a result, staying up to speed with the constant changes and innovations is crucial.

Allegiant Digital Marketing, a full-service digital marketing firm, boasts a comprehensive range of services, including web development, design, search engine optimization, paid search, social media marketing, and email marketing. In the coming years, the company is set to expand its offerings into traditional media as well. Allegiant serves a diverse clientele, from small business owners to Fortune 500 companies and global franchise organizations. Chad’s leadership philosophy, rooted in character and client partnerships, has played a pivotal role in Allegiant’s rapid growth and success.

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Chris Copacino, Copacino Fujikado

Copacino Fujikado
Without prompting, Chris Copacino, Executive Director of Business Development at Copacino Fujikado, shared a top tip for agency owners and a big challenge his agency faces. As a leader at an agency which, over the past 26 years has seen trials and tribulations outside of its control – the dot com crash, the great recession, a global pandemic – Chris has plenty of insight on the grit required to thrive in this business. His top tip for agencies is to continually reinvent themselves every three to four years because of the ever-changing nature of media and communication. The challenge, he says, is to maintain the ability “to meet clients where they’re at.” He says his agency’s goal is to provide value beyond the fee and that each client is viewed more as a partner than a customer.

Copacino Fukikado, a fiercely independent integrated marketing agency based in Seattle, embodies a spirit of untamable creative energy in a city known for its progressive thinking. Attracting talent from diverse locations such as New York, Boston, Bangkok, and Oahu, more than half of their team consists of Seattle transplants, contributing to the region’s population uptick. The agency prides itself on going beyond the surface, with a commitment to digging deepest in all endeavors. Their Insights and Media team boasts an extensive array of research tools, surpassing those of agencies of similar size, while their digital and analytics capabilities are considered second to none. Noteworthy is Copacino Fukikado’s distinction as the only northwest agency recognized four times in the past decade by Ad Age as a Small Agency of the Year, a recognition based on business results, agency culture, impact, and outstanding work.

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Maxime Brunet, Xamtac Consulting

Xamtac Consulting
Maxime Brunet, CEO of Xamtac Consulting, emphasizes the importance of understanding the entire marketing funnel as a top tip for running a thriving agency. Drawing on his diverse background, including experience in medical school, Maxime highlights the value of taking a holistic approach to marketing. He suggests that professionals should not specialize in just one aspect, such as Facebook or creatives, but should comprehend how everything fits together in the larger marketing funnel. Maxime advocates for a scientific approach, akin to setting up experiments, analyzing data, and iterating for optimal results.

Initially founded as a digital marketing agency, Xamtac Consulting has evolved to encompass design and development services. The range of services offered by Xamtac includes classic paid marketing channels like Google and Facebook, as well as design, development, email marketing, social media optimization, and a focus on paid marketing as a strong suit. Overall, Xamtac Consulting’s diverse service offerings, combined with its exploration of proprietary tools and software, underscore its adaptability and commitment to staying at the forefront of the digital marketing landscape.

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