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We recently completed two back-to-back Rise25 VIP Days in Las Vegas, Nevada, in partnership with the Prosper Show conference, and I wanted to share the pictures.

Q: What is a Rise25 VIP Day?
A Rise25 VIP Day is a curated day of masterminding, high-level networking and brainstorming with a group of other successful entrepreneurs. It’s A players gathering with other A players. Top performers connecting with other top performers.

This Rise25 VIP Day, we rented a 10,000-square foot mansion outside of Las Vegas, complete with its own knight of armor which you can see in a picture below.

At Rise25, our superpower is curating a room full of other smart entrepreneurs who are also collaborative and who want to exchange ideas with other small entrepreneurs, and giving that group the space and opportunity to connect, exchange ideas and strategies, and build long-term relationships. That’s what we do at our Rise25 VIP Days, and we’re proud of all the connections created there, from little “lightbulb moments” to new businesses hatched.

During 2018, our goal is to do more of these VIP Days for ecommerce sellers, so if you have a community of ecommerce sellers or put on events for ecommerce sellers, contact us and we should chat!