How Tim Francis Created a 6-Figure Business After a Rise25 Event

Tim walked away with 4 new clients and a $100K+ new business concept.


Tim Francis enjoyed success consulting to some of the biggest names in Internet Marketing. He had a problem, though: nearly all his company’s revenue came from him consulting, making him a bottleneck. Tim needed to find a way to shift from hours-for-dollars.Tim considered a wide range of options, finally settling on creating an online course.

Tim decided he would create an online course which would teach entrepreneurs how to recruit, hire and train a great executive assistant, a skill he’d honed for years while consulting to CEOs. Determined to get feedback on his concept, Tim arrived at the Austin Retreat in November 2015 prepared with a particular question.

After explaining the idea behind his proposed course, he asked his fellow attendees: “What would I have to change about this course for you to be so excited you’d give me your credit card right now?” Taken aback, the crowd went silent.

After a few moments of silence, an accomplished entrepreneur from Nashville broke the tension: “OK, Tim, I’ll go first. Love the idea of getting an Assistant. Hate your delivery. I’m already overworked. I don’t have time to study your 10 hour course, then spend 4-6 weeks trying to implement it, then 2-4 weeks training the Assistant, only hoping I got it right.”

Around the table, most Entrepreneurs echoed the exact same sentiment. Humbled, but still committed, Tim asked a different question: “OK. Let’s scrap the course altogether. If you want me to do it all for you, and you could have anything, what would you have to see for you to give me your credit card right away?”
In rapid fire succession, the audience rattled off: do all the job advertising for us, screen all the applications as they come in, give everyone a Kolbe test, Kolbe-match them to us, find the best match for us, then train them and onboard the new Assistant for us.

Tim replied: “I’ll do you one better: I’ll even certify them, and I’ll create an online community of certified Assistants so they can all help each other instead of them always asking you, their Entrepreneur, for help.”The room was buzzing. Everyone was excited. This was a service they’d pay for.
And pay they did. Ultimately, four fellow attendees all handed Tim their credit card and signed up for the Beta launch of his service, Great Assistant, bringing Tim $4,000 in sales immediately and a live test for his new business concept.

Since then, Tim hired a full-time program manager for Great Assistant, and brought in over six figures in revenue from the first 12 months of running the program. His team is on-pace to match 200 Entrepreneurs and Assistants in 2017.