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Alan Jiang

Alan Jiang is the Co-founder and CEO of Beam, Asia’s fastest-growing micromobility startup focused on solving short-distance transport needs within cities, starting with e-scooter sharing. His team leads the way in the Asia Pacific with operations in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey, Thailand, and Malaysia to bring affordable, safe, and sustainable transportation to citizens.

Alan previously worked for Uber as the Country Manager, where he helped launch the company in Malaysia, Vietnam, and China. He was a Consultant for Exeter Group and the CEO and Co-founder of Ivy Education Group.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Alan Jiang talks about launching a micromobility company
  • How perseverance can help you navigate the overseas market
  • Alan discusses how pattern recognition can help with a brand launch
  • The value of a support network when nurturing a new business
  • Alan shares vehicle features to ensure safety and adhere to regulations
  • What are the advantages of a small electric vehicle?
  • Alan’s thoughts on meeting supply and demand

In this episode…

What can entrepreneurs who are building and growing businesses do to continue down the path to success? During an entrepreneurial journey, you can face many challenges — especially when you’re a novice to a complex overseas market. 

Alan Jiang knew he wanted to help launch a brand overseas, so when the opportunity arose, he jumped. His experience with major corporations helped him launch his brand, have a better grasp of building a business from scratch, and value networking with other entrepreneurs. In the cities where Alan and his team established a branch, they experienced growth and demand for low-cost vehicles with lower carbon emissions. Navigating governmental restrictions is not always easy, but with an optimistic attitude and engaging in conversation, solutions can be found. 

In this episode of the Rising Entrepreneurs Podcast, Joshua Chin sits down with Alan Jiang, Co-founder and CEO at Beam, to discuss incrementally growing your brand amid many challenges. Alan talks about how being exposed to an overseas market gave him a better understanding of work culture, why networking is crucial for problem-solving, and how having the mental fortitude to believe every problem is solvable is essential.

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