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Navigating the intricate landscape of running a thriving agency requires a multifaceted approach. Rise25 spoke with 20 industry leaders about their insights on success and the obstacles they’ve encountered. From an emphasis on effective processes and a nurturing environment to the need for a clear vision and understanding of the market, industry veterans delve into the nuances of emotional intelligence, honesty, transparency, and the unwavering focus on culture as foundational elements for a successful agency.

As their journey unfolds, top agency owners also offer perspectives on delivering tangible value, managing time effectively, aligning actions with client interests, and cultivating a positive company ethos. Collectively, these insights provide a comprehensive guide for aspiring and seasoned agency owners alike, navigating the dynamic world of marketing with resilience and adaptability.

Jamie Izaks, All Points Public Relations

All Points Public Relations

Jamie Izaks, President of All Points Public Relations, believes implementing effective processes and systems is crucial for success. All Points PR, known for its comprehensive approach to public relations, social media, and graphic/video design, emphasizes a process-driven approach that has proven instrumental in hiring and leading employees and clients. Jamie underscored the importance of showcasing the agency as a place where opportunities for professional development abound. This advice reflects the agency’s commitment to fostering an environment that delivers exceptional services to clients while nurturing the potential for continuous growth and success within the organization.

All Points PR, with a core group of franchise industry clients spanning various B2C and B2B sectors, has established itself as a prominent player in securing media coverage at all levels. The company’s expertise ranges from local and regional outlets to national platforms, including appearances on major television programs such as Good Morning America and CNN’s American Morning. Specializing in areas from restaurant and retail to technology, education, fitness, and healthcare, All Points PR delivers comprehensive services that contribute to the success of its diverse clientele. Despite the agency’s accomplishments, Jamie acknowledges the ongoing challenge of recruitment and retention, emphasizing the continuous effort required to maintain momentum in these areas.

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David Hernandez, lotus823


David Hernandez, Co-founder and Managing Partner of lotus823, offers this advice: approach your business like a bus, with you as the driver. The crucial task is to ensure that you have the right people in the right seats on the bus to reach your destination. Managing someone too tightly is a sign of misalignment, and it’s better to have an empty seat than the wrong person in it. David emphasizes the importance of cultural fit when selecting clients, seeking those with a clear vision and a desire for partnership. For him, the foundation of a successful agency lies in hiring great people who possess the necessary skills and contribute positively to the company culture. lotus823 has embraced a hybrid work model, allowing flexibility and prioritizing results over time.

David’s agency, lotus823, is a dynamic and award-winning communications agency that seamlessly blends relevant business experience with industry expertise to provide integrated marketing services. With a holistic approach, the agency leverages its diverse background in retail, journalism, graphic design, digital specialization, and brand marketing to offer comprehensive solutions. After navigating the transformative landscape of retail, media, and social channels, lotus823 goes beyond traditional marketing, assessing the entire industry landscape and utilizing core relationships for additional expert insights. Specializing in the home, lifestyle, and tech sectors, the agency excels in crafting proven, actionable strategies that yield measurable results for both consumer and B2B markets.

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Matthew Roda, RODA Marketing

roda marketing

Running a successful marketing agency requires a delicate balance of strategy, adaptability, and client satisfaction. Matthew Roda, Founder and Co-owner of RODA Marketing, shared one key piece of advice: diligently fulfill promises made to clients. With a detailed and transparent breakdown of project deliverables, RODA Marketing fosters transparency and accountability among clients. Additionally, Matthew emphasizes the importance of responsiveness, highlighting their commitment to promptly addressing client inquiries and concerns, a practice that has become a core value for the agency.

As for RODA Marketing, the company has been shaping the digital landscape since its inception in 2010. Initially focused on search engine optimization (SEO), the agency expanded its services to encompass a comprehensive suite of internet marketing solutions. Matthew narrates the evolution from SEO to a broader scope, encompassing social media services, email marketing campaigns, and reputation management. In addition to in-house skills, RODA Marketing maintains strategic partnerships for services like paid advertisements, ensuring clients receive a full spectrum of expertise without compromising quality. The agency has honed its focus on home remodeling companies, leveraging its expertise to help them achieve remarkable success in their respective markets.

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Brad Bennett, Wildfire


With almost 21 years of experience, Brad Bennett, the seasoned Owner of Wildfire, a fully integrated marketing communications company, emphasizes the importance of caring for your people. In the dynamic world of marketing, he asserts that the agency’s success hinges on its talented individuals, the genuine currency of the business. Brad advocates for actively listening to and nurturing the professional growth of team members, providing them with the tools they need for success. Furthermore, he underscores the challenge of creating an honest and transparent organizational culture where the free exchange of ideas is actively encouraged without the veil of anonymity.

Wildfire, under Brad’s leadership, has thrived for almost two decades, offering a spectrum of services across the marketing mix. The company prides itself on being a trusted partner for large Fortune 500 clients like Red Hat, serving as specialized design experts. Simultaneously, Wildfire extends its strategic thinking to small to mid-sized businesses, guiding them in marketing communication and beyond without conforming to the conventional agency of record model. The agency also boasts a robust interactive practice, excelling in everything from website development to digital strategies encompassing paid, earned, owned, and organic initiatives. As Brad articulates the challenges of running an agency, Wildfire continues to evolve, using content marketing tools and embracing transparency as it navigates the ever-changing landscape of marketing communication.

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Lysa Miller, LadyBugz Interactive Agency

Lady Bugz

Lysa Miller, Founder and CEO of LadyBugz Interactive Agency, shared invaluable tips for running a successful agency, emphasizing the power of social media marketing, SEO, and content. Lysa’s top tip for a thriving agency is to hold off on expansion unless things are exceptionally well. She stressed the importance of ensuring that the agency is consistently exceeding expectations. Additionally, she highlighted the challenge of finding the right talent for various projects, especially when dealing with multiple niches. As a seasoned entrepreneur, Lysa also shared a vital lesson she learned during her journey: charge based on the agency’s costs and the value it provides rather than succumbing to client budget constraints. For new agencies, her parting advice is to prioritize doing what you love and building a support staff to handle tasks outside your expertise.

Shifting the focus to LadyBugz Interactive Agency, founded in 2020, the Boston-based company has carved a niche in boutique web design and consulting. With a primary focus on early-growth businesses, LadyBugz caters to a diverse range of industries, with a dedicated emphasis on women-led and women-owned companies. While avoiding the e-commerce sector, the agency thrives on aiding businesses in transition. LadyBugz’s services encompass web design, online marketing, SEO, and online PR, offering a comprehensive suite to help companies boost sales and revenues. As a testament to its commitment to excellence, Lysa’s advice on agency success is reflected in LadyBugz’s approach, ensuring clients receive top-notch service and exceed their expectations.

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Scott Shuford, FrontGate Media

FrontGate Media

The visionary behind FrontGate Media, Scott Shuford, shared invaluable tips on running a thriving agency, emphasizing the importance of adaptation in agency operations. He stressed the need to align with client needs and industry trends and advised against being too early to adopt emerging technologies. He cited instances where jumping into trends prematurely, such as with video content, proved challenging for clients not yet ready for the shift. For content marketing at FrontGate Media, the reliance on Google advertising for lead generation remains strong, along with monthly newsletters, blogs, and social media channels.

FrontGate Media’s core audience comprises faith-based Christian consumers and church leaders, embracing a diverse range of clients, from traditional Christian product vendors to major corporations like AARP and Toyota, interested in reaching the Christian audience. Scott highlighted the agency’s unique approach, organizing around the audience rather than specific client types. As the industry evolves, FrontGate Media addresses the challenge of a static marketing budget amid numerous choices. The company’s modular structure allows clients to select specific services, whether a Christian influencer group or a Christian podcast tour, adapting to the ever-expanding array of marketing channels.

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Sean Connolly, Scale Virtually

Scale Virtually

Sean Connolly, the CEO of Scale Virtually, shared valuable insights for running a thriving agency. Sean emphasized the importance of intimately understanding your market and competition to secure a top position in the industry. According to Sean, aspiring agencies should have a clear vision of what it takes to be number one and be well-versed in the complexities of their industry. As for the competitive landscape of the marketing industry, Sean advises agencies to find a unique strategy, understand the market before building a product, and, crucially, hire the best people and specialize in one efficiency for optimal success.

Shifting focus to Scale Virtually, Sean described the company as a world-class staffing agency dedicated to discovering exceptional talent and seamlessly integrating them into clients’ businesses. The company offers a consultative approach, working closely with small to mid-sized companies seeking innovative solutions to reduce costs, optimize team efficiency, and scale their businesses. With a focus on customization, Scale Virtually assists clients in developing tailored business processes and training programs to establish a solid foundation for building and expanding their teams.

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Rotimi Kehinde, Kingdom Branding

Kingdom Branding

According to Rotimi Kehinde, CEO of Kingdom Branding, the key to success lies in human-centered design. Designing memorable experiences tailored to a client’s target audience is crucial. At Kingdom Branding, they prioritize user-friendly, fast, and well-executed designs, treating clients as individuals and comprehending their audience. This approach ensures client satisfaction and high-quality, conversion-focused web and social experiences. Despite their success, Rotimi acknowledged the challenges agencies face, highlighting the struggle of securing timely payments. Kingdom Branding strives to minimize accounts receivable creatively and emphasizes building a talented in-house team rather than extensive outsourcing.

As for Kingdom Branding’s journey, Rotimi shared a remarkable success story. By transforming a poorly designed website for a client serving kids in foster care, Kingdom Branding played a pivotal role in the organization’s prosperity. Shortly after the website refresh, the client received a one million dollar grant offer, followed by increased funding and volunteer support. This achievement is a testament to the agency’s ability to make a meaningful impact through its creative endeavors, boosting Kingdom Branding’s reputation as a go-to partner for brands that aspire to rule in their respective domains.

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Marco Greenberg, Thunder11


Building and maintaining a successful agency in today’s dynamic business landscape comes with unique challenges. According to Marco Greenberg, Senior Partner and Co-founder of Thunder11, one significant hurdle is maintaining emotional intelligence. Agencies often make the mistake of lacking emotional intelligence about their clients’ psychological state and career trajectory. Marco emphasizes the importance of understanding clients deeply, avoiding condescension, and striking a balance between uplifting spirits and being a constructive critic. As for his top tip for running a thriving agency, Marco underscores the need to stay true to one’s convictions and not talk down to clients. The key is to avoid the perception of being a know-it-all agency, as this can jeopardize both winning and retaining business.

Thunder11 has been navigating the PR landscape with finesse. Established to provide services beyond traditional media relations, Thunder11 focuses on constructing compelling narratives for clients. From detailed messaging exercises to story mining, Thunder11 is committed to uncovering the substance that makes a story unique. Marco emphasizes the agency’s commitment to creativity and building stories from the ground up, ensuring they resonate with audiences and avoid the pitfalls of being labeled as lacking substance. Marco draws inspiration from mentors like PR legend Harold Burson, emphasizing the agency’s dedication to putting clients first.

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Title: Navigating Success and Honesty: Insights from Smirk New Media’s Mike Koehler

Mike Koehler, Smirk New Media


Mike Koehler, Founder and Chief Strategist at Smirk New Media, reflected on the challenges of running an agency, cautioning against the pitfalls of “faking it till you make it.” Based on personal experience, Mike stresses the importance of honesty and transparency from the outset, advising against exaggerating business capabilities or size. He highlights the potential dangers of building a business reputation on falsehoods, emphasizing that starting on an honest foot fosters trust with clients. In an industry where transparency is not always a given, Mike’s commitment to honesty has shaped the ethos of Smirk New Media and contributed to long-term client retention, setting an example for others in the digital marketing space.

As for Smirk New Media, launched in 2010, the Oklahoma City-based agency has evolved from a social media-centric firm to a full-service digital marketing powerhouse. Over its lifespan, Smirk has grown from servicing small businesses to catering to medium- to large-sized clients. The agency’s comprehensive services include social media management, ad campaigns, SEO, website building, and visual content creation, encompassing motion graphics, graphic design, and branding. With a decade of experience, Smirk New Media’s ideal clients are larger organizations with limited internal bandwidth for executing the myriad tasks required for a robust digital presence. Mike’s insight into assembling a dedicated team and fostering a culture of trust and respect has undoubtedly played a significant role in Smirk’s success over the years.

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Jeff Rosenblum, Questus


According to Jeff Rosenblum, Founding Partner and co-CEO of Questus, maintaining an unwavering focus on culture is a key tip for success in agency management. In his view, building a team of positive and creative individuals, putting them in positions to do their best work, and constantly investing in their well-being form the foundation of a successful agency. Jeff emphasizes that culture is not just about surface-level perks like foosball tables or in-house bars; instead, it’s about creating an environment where the team is empowered and motivated to excel. By recruiting positive and creative individuals and making decisions that prioritize their ability to produce exceptional work, agencies can establish a culture that is not only fantastic but also sustainable over the long term.

Operating in the competitive landscape of the Fortune 1000 space, Questus collaborates with some of the biggest and best brands globally. The agency’s services revolve around using digital platforms to tell compelling brand narratives, attract customers, and cultivate loyal brand advocates. With a lifespan marked by accolades, including recognition by Inc. for having one of the best workplaces, Questus showcases the significance of maintaining a strong organizational culture. While challenges such as the pitfalls of growing too fast have shaped Questus’ journey, its commitment to an unwavering focus on culture remains a guiding principle for long-term success.

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Adam Taff, Karuna Digital

Karuna Digital

Every successful agency needs a nuanced understanding of its unique value proposition. Adam Taff, Founder and CEO of Karuna Digital, emphasizes the importance of aligning your agency’s value proposition with tangible outcomes for clients. Adam advises agency owners to reverse engineer success, ensuring consistent efforts toward creating measurable results. Karuna Digital defines success as generating revenue or acquiring qualified leads for clients. Adam stresses the need for agencies to discern where to focus their energy to deliver optimal outcomes efficiently.

Karuna Digital, a strategic full-service digital agency, stands out under Adam’s leadership with a unique niche. Specializing in providing outsourced solutions, Karuna Digital addresses the challenges companies face in coordinating various digital aspects efficiently. Adam’s agency acts as a comprehensive marketing department or augments existing teams, offering a unified approach to social media, advertising, design, paid search, and content creation. While agnostic across industries, Karuna Digital has built a strong reputation in healthcare, mental health treatment, nutrition, and beauty. The company’s journey, Adam notes, has been fueled by word-of-mouth referrals rather than traditional advertising.

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Marc Brookland, SEO Locale

SEO Locale

Running a thriving digital marketing agency requires a delicate balance of providing value, transparency, and overcoming challenges in a constantly evolving industry. According to Marc Brookland, Founder & President of SEO Locale, one key tip for success is delivering tangible value to clients while maintaining transparency. In the competitive realm of SEO, honesty is crucial, as clients often focus on the bottom line—measurable results and increased revenue. Marc emphasizes setting clear expectations and being forthright about successes and mistakes. His advice extends to avoiding the temptation to embellish achievements or conceal errors, stressing the necessity of being 100% honest and transparent in all client interactions.

SEO Locale has become a formidable player in the digital marketing arena. Specializing in a wide array of services, including local and national search engine optimization, web design, development, paid search management, social media management, mobile app development, reputation management, content strategy, and optimization, and email marketing, SEO Locale offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to meet diverse client needs. With a track record of delivering measurable results and building lasting client relationships, the agency’s commitment to excellence has propelled it to a team of 15 professionals. So, despite facing the difficulties associated with growth, SEO Locale excels by remaining dedicated to its core services and ensuring that the knowledge and skills acquired over the years are shared effectively within the team.

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Fiona Blades, MESH Experience

Mesh Experience

Fiona Blades, President and Chief Experience Officer of MESH Experience, identified time as a formidable challenge in running an agency. In the client-agency relationship, the underestimated time required for meetings, collaboration, and decision-making often becomes a significant hurdle. Overcoming inertia and aligning schedules with clients demand strategic planning, making time management a critical aspect of agency operations. Fiona’s experience in opening offices across the globe led her to emphasize the need to win a founding client before expanding and the challenge of getting meetings scheduled around clients’ busy schedules.

Founded over 15 years ago, MESH Experience addresses a crucial gap in the market by focusing on understanding how people experience brands beyond traditional metrics. Fiona’s agency has pioneered real-time data collection from millions of brand experiences, providing valuable insights into consumer perceptions. MESH’s expertise lies in three key areas: campaign evaluation, path-to-purchase analysis, and customer experience assessment. Notably, the agency is pivoting to a subscription model, introducing innovative metrics like share of experience, experience noticeability, and quality to adapt to the evolving landscape of brand interactions.

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Patrick Strother, Strother Communications Group

Strother Communications Group

Patrick Strother, CEO of Strother Communications Group, emphasizes understanding one’s purpose and ensuring that every action aligns with the client’s best interests. According to him, maintaining a thriving agency requires a belief in providing unique and honorable services. Additionally, Patrick emphasizes the significance of cultivating a positive company culture. He highlights the benefits of a strong culture with foundational values, which, in his experience, helped the agency withstand challenging periods. Patrick identifies three cornerstone values—knowledge, creativity, and prioritizing others—which he considers essential for the success and longevity of the agency.

Strother Communications Group is an agency that specializes in business-to-business marketing and public relations, with a particular emphasis on the manufacturing sector. With over 30 years of experience, the agency has served more than 125 companies across five continents, utilizing 17 languages and five alphabets. Its approach involves attentive listening and market research to inform a brand strategy that guides the creation of targeted marketing materials. The agency provides a full suite of services, including content creation, advertising, web development, graphic design, public relations, media relations, and video production. Strother Communications Group emphasizes a process fueled by knowledge and driven by creativity. The overarching goal is to help clients significantly grow sales and enhance their reputations.

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Bill Southard, Southard Communications

Southard Communications

As the Founder and CEO of Southard Communications, Bill Southard has led the agency through the challenges of 25 years of evolution. As Bill candidly shares, one significant hurdle is the prevalence of ego-driven agency owners. Bill stresses the importance of removing ego from the equation, urging leaders to provide opportunities for growth and responsibility. He advocates for a culture that fosters success and growth for every team member. He emphasizes the importance of creating a culture that incentivizes employees to stay. Having experienced professionals who stay with the agency for extended periods ensures a stable workforce and contributes to a cohesive and effective team. Bill believes that investing in people and maintaining a forward-thinking culture are vital components for success in the dynamic field of public relations.

Southard Communications specializes in mapping the internal landscape of businesses, providing comprehensive services beyond traditional public relations. The team delves into distribution strategy, capital raising, and sales strategy development, emphasizing the importance of a holistic approach to brand building. The agency has weathered the shift from focusing on impressions to measuring the impact of branded communications. Southard Communications, in essence, positions itself as a brand coach from the inside out, offering a unique blend of business-oriented PR services.

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Ziad Foty, Design in DC

Design in DC

When asked about his top tip for running a successful agency, Ziad Foty, the CEO of Design in DC, emphasized the importance of attention to detail and perseverance. Drawing from his experience of starting and growing an agency, Ziad stressed that small business owners often find themselves overwhelmed by taking on multiple roles within the company. He advised aspiring entrepreneurs to avoid becoming chefs, marketers, and everything in between, as it can lead to burnout and hinder business growth. Instead, Ziad recommended creating well-thought-out processes, outlining scenarios, and developing clear communication channels. By doing so, he believes that business owners can navigate challenges more effectively and share responsibilities with their team, a crucial step in achieving sustainable growth.

Design in DC, founded by Ziad and his co-founder Rob, stands out as a unique agency that combines expertise from the film production and web design digital agency realms. Specializing in creating highly interactive digital experiences, the company focuses on balancing written content with visuals to deliver dynamic and engaging websites. Over time, Design in DC has adapted to tackle content concentration and SEO challenges, striking a delicate balance between visual appeal and informative content. The agency offers various services, including SEO solutions and videography, bringing together a multidisciplinary team to craft compelling narratives and interactive elements. Acknowledging the importance of client satisfaction, Ziad understands that challenges often arise in client-facing scenarios. Design in DC adheres to the principle that clients are always right, even when they may be mistaken. Ziad emphasizes the importance of effective communication in managing client issues, understanding their concerns, and ultimately delivering a solution that reinforces the agency’s commitment to quality service.

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Michelle Mekky, Mekky Media Relations

Mekky Media Relations

When you’ve built a successful public relations and media outreach agency, you’ve faced unique challenges and triumphs, as Michelle Mekky, CEO and Founder of Mekky Media Relations, can attest. When asked about her top tip for running a thriving agency, Michelle emphasizes the importance of authenticity. She attributes the agency’s significant growth during the challenges of COVID to being transparent and honest with clients about the limitations and possibilities during uncertain times. Michelle’s approach involves building strong client partnerships by being realistic, flexible, and providing valuable services beyond the specified scope. One of the significant challenges she highlights is the inherent difficulty of guaranteeing results in the PR industry. It underscores the crucial need to consistently prove the agency’s value and educate clients on the ongoing necessity of PR efforts. Aspiring agency owners can glean valuable advice from Michelle, who recommends securing financial expertise, legal support, and mentorship as essential pillars for navigating the intricate landscape of agency entrepreneurship.

Mekky Media Relations has emerged as a prominent player in the public relations landscape. Michelle, drawing on her extensive background as a television producer, has shaped the agency’s focus on PR strategy, media relations, influencer outreach, event promotion, and social media across various industries. The agency’s success is reflected in its ability to confront challenges, emphasizing authenticity and transparent communication. Despite the inherent difficulty of promising specific PR results, Mekky Media Relations has thrived by establishing itself as a trusted advisor to clients, offering a unique blend of storytelling and media pitch expertise. Michelle’s journey from journalism to entrepreneurship highlights the agency’s growth from a personal venture to a thriving business that exceeded her initial expectations.

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Katelyn Glass, Fifty Six

In the dynamic world of marketing agencies, Katelyn Glass, the Founder of Fifty Six, sheds light on the challenges and triumphs she has encountered since launching her agency in the fall of 2020. She emphasizes listening to clients and tailoring services to their unique needs. Katelyn urges agency owners to resist the one-size-fits-all approach, highlighting that understanding the individuality of each client is crucial for sustainable growth. She challenges the conventional scalability model, advocating for a personalized approach that aligns with the diverse requirements of early-stage ventures.

Fifty Six, though relatively new, has positioned itself as a disruptor in the industry. Katelyn acknowledges a significant challenge—being the antithesis of efficiency. She refers to her agency as a “VC’s nightmare” due to its non-scalable and non-sustainable nature. However, this unconventional stance allows Fifty Six to differentiate itself, offering bespoke solutions for brands that have experienced dissatisfaction with traditional agencies. The agency’s commitment to educating clients on the distinctive value it brings to the table reflects its dedication to transparency and innovation. Despite the hurdles, Katelyn maintains an unwavering spirit, underscoring the importance of managing through chaos, a lesson she’s learned from her journey—a journey defined by empathy, resilience, and an unyielding refusal to quit.

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Avi and Pragati Dokania, Brandmirchi


One invaluable tip shared by Avi and Pragati Dokania, the Co-founders of Brandmirchi, is to embrace complete transparency. In an industry where agencies might feel inclined to conceal shortcomings or market fluctuations, Avi and Pragati emphasize the importance of open communication with clients. They believe in treating clients not solely as customers but as partners, fostering a relationship built on trust and shared goals. Challenges arise in gaining recognition amid a sea of digital marketing agencies. Avi and Pragati acknowledge the difficulty of convincing clients to choose innovation over established names, but they remain focused on carving out their space in the market.

Brandmirchi, a young boutique digital marketing agency, distinguishes itself by maintaining a dynamic and versatile attitude. Unrestricted by industry limitations, the agency strives to deliver turnkey and innovative solutions, adapting to the ever-changing digital landscape. Avi and Pragati’s commitment to transparency and honesty shapes their approach to client relationships. Brandmirchi’s services encompass a broad spectrum, providing clients with results-driven strategies tailored to their unique needs. As they continue to evolve, Brandmirchi plans to expand its reach through strategic content marketing efforts, peer collaborations, and a commitment to providing value to clients and competitors. The agency’s journey, marked by resilience and a client-centric approach, offers a valuable roadmap for new agencies navigating the competitive world of digital marketing.

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