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  • Get ROI, Clients, Referrals and Strategic Partners Using a Podcast
  • We have assembled and trained a top-notch team to handle all of the details to produce your podcast so you can focus on the highest and best use of your time.
  • Save you Time By Helping You to Do Business Development, Referral marketing, Content Marketing and Much More Using a Podcast
  • Improve Your Existing Podcast to Bring You More Clients and Referrals.

Who is Rise25?

John and JeremyDr. Jeremy Weisz & John Corcoran have been deeply immersed in the podcasting world since 2010, and have been honing a process for using a podcast for content marketing, client acquisition, referral marketing and strategic partnerships with hundreds of clients.

Eventually, businesses started asking Jeremy and John about their process and they began training businesses on it and doing it for clients.

There is a long list from the past 15 years of top leaders, entrepreneurs, authors that Jeremy and John have been able to connect with and forge relationships with that have brought credibility, have become customers, and have referred projects.

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