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Adam MenconiAdam Menconi is the Broker/Owner of Prosper Real Estate, a technology-driven real estate brokerage located in Sonoma County, just north of San Francisco. Under his leadership, his 10-person team at Prosper Real Estate has facilitated over $250 million in sales over the past two years, totaling around a billion dollars in transactions. RealTrends ranks the business in the top 1.5% of real estate agents nationwide. Their exemplary service has earned them five-star ratings on both Zillow and Google since its inception in 2014.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Adam Menconi shares how he came to enjoy the very challenging world of direct sales
  • The lessons Adam learned from his first entrepreneurial endeavor
  • Adam’s beginnings in the real estate industry and how he lost $15,000 on day one
  • What was it like during the real estate crisis of ‘07 and ‘08?
  • The early days and struggles of Prosper Real Estate
  • The effects of the emergence of social media on the real estate industry
  • What has growing and building his team been like for Adam?

In this episode…

Navigating the complexities of the real estate market requires a unique blend of expertise, interpersonal skills, and adaptability. Adam Menconi, a seasoned real estate professional, has sharpened these skills to a fine point, successfully guiding countless clients through their property journeys, whether they’re first-time home buyers or seasoned investors.

So, what does it take to operate in the ever-changing world of real estate successfully? According to Adam, the key lies in understanding the different needs and expectations of buyers and sellers, fostering strong relationships, and expertly managing the complexities of the bidding process. This approach not only ensures a smooth transaction but also helps clients make informed decisions that best align with their real estate goals.

Join John Corcoran, host of the Rising Entrepreneurs Podcast, in an engaging conversation with Adam Menconi, Broker/Owner of Prosper Real Estate, a high-performing real estate team in Sonoma County, California. Adam delves into the dynamic nature of the real estate industry, discussing the importance of aligning buyers’ and sellers’ expectations, the value of comprehensive market preparation, and the need to constantly adapt and pivot in response to changing market conditions.

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Episode Transcript

Intro 0:02

Welcome to the Rising Entrepreneurs Podcast where we feature top founders and entrepreneurs and their journey. Now let’s get started with the show.

John Corcoran 0:13

All right, welcome everyone, John Corcoran here. I’m the co host of this show. And if you haven’t checked out any of our interviews in the archives got some great interviews with smart CEOs, founders and entrepreneurs of all kinds of companies ranging from we’ve interviewed co founders or CEOs of Netflix, Kinko’s, YPO, EO, Activision Blizzard, and many more. And of course, this episode brought to you by EO San Francisco, which is the San Francisco chapter for Entrepreneurs Organization, which is a global peer to peer network of more than 16,000 influential business owners with 200 chapters in 60 plus countries. And if you are the founder, co founder owner, or controlling shareholder of a company that generates over seven figures a year in revenues, and want to connect with other like minded successful entrepreneurs, EO is for you. And you can learn all about what we do and take a test drive at, and my guest here today is Adam Menconi. He is a newer member of the chapter. He is the broker owner of Prosper Real Estate, which is a technology driven real estate brokerage, located in the Sonoma County region just north of San Francisco and he, Adam and his 10 person team at prosper real estate has helped over 350 families with get this $250 million in sales just in the last two years. They’ve done about a billion dollars in transactions are one of the leaders if not the leader in Sonoma County. They have the highest number of transactions per team member in Sonoma County. They’ve earned five stars Zillow ratings on both Zillow and Google five star ratings and everywhere you can see basically, and it’s an honor to have them here today and Adam, we were talking beforehand about your background. And you like many in the entrepreneurial world got started in the world of Cutco, Cutco knives, which is a company that has great training program. I’ve interviewed a number of people that have gone through that program. And you have a kind of a amusing story about a time that early on you were you thought you had a great transaction working with this woman about to sell her some knives and tell us the story.

Adam Menconi 2:13

Yeah, so you know, the way Cutco works is you make an introduction, you sit down, and you’re usually at the dining room table and talking and you’ve got all the knives laid out, kind of in front of you, as you’re kind of going through the script that you learn in your sales training. And in the middle of this whole presentation that I think is going pretty well. The husband literally knocks on the door and bursts in and screams “Is this the guy?” And I am I’m 18 or 19 at the time, oh look a little older because I had longer hair and glasses. And I looked at him. I looked at her looked at him. And before I knew it, he was running after me and I was running around the table to try to stay away from him. And there’s a weapons on this. And yeah, try to pack up the weapons that are in the middle of us. So that was my first. That was my first fun in terms of like jumping into the entrepreneurship side of it.

John Corcoran 3:13

And how did you like aside from getting chased by wayward husbands? How did you like that kind of Doggy Dog world of those kinds of direct sales, because it’s not for everyone. It can be challenging, I imagine.

Adam Menconi 3:27

I felt it was one of those things. It’s kind of like a once you get that, that feeling of like you create your own future. And I think a lot of entrepreneurs feel that same way. Like once you get that success where you did it, and it was you and you made it happen. It’s hard to go back to it’s hard to go back to something else. It’s like I don’t know. It’s like a wolf that tastes blood. Like you’re just you’re you are in that mindset. Now you you have to operate that way. And so from a pretty young age, I was I was pretty focused.

John Corcoran 4:01

Yeah. Now you have an interesting background because you’ve been in real estate for 20 years. But you also were really interested in acting and theatre. And you did extra work and went to college in Los Angeles and spent years kind of working up in that industry, which I spent some time working for DreamWorks in LA. My brother still works in reality TV. So I know a bit about it. It is a speaker speaking of dog eat dog talking about a tough industry. That is an extremely tough industry as well.

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