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Every agency owner understands the importance of developing a mission, streamlining business operations, and creating valuable services. But, an agency cannot truly thrive without partners and relationships. So, how can you cultivate meaningful partnerships with both your team and clients to enhance your agency?

We sat down with top agency experts who are revolutionizing company culture and paving the way for strategic growth. They address client acquisition and value, attracting and retaining talent, and creating personalized services. As these leaders adapt to rapid industry developments, they impart advice on maintaining relevancy and professionalism.

Bruce Law, Sprout Marketing

Agency growth is a profitable endeavor as it can generate more leads and traffic and allow you to establish yourself as a leader in your industry. However, it’s possible to scale excessively, which may cause you to oversell your services, compromising authenticity and client trust as a result. For this reason, Bruce says it’s imperative to recognize when to scale back and not to conflate growth with abilities.

Sprout Marketing is a team of CMOs for hire. The agency specializes in repositioning existing companies or products, helping companies market in preparation to get acquired or go public, rebranding, and accelerating revenue.

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Christina Piedlow, TPG Trade Show + Event Marketing

When developing and marketing your services, it’s essential to consider the diversity of clients you plan to assist. Each customer has their own unique product and specific needs, so Christina recommends distributing your services accordingly and honing your processes to accommodate distinctions. She streamlines each component by maintaining transparency in what she offers clients.

TPG Trade Show + Event Marketing is a boutique marketing agency specializing in integrated virtual and live trade show and event experiences. From live trade shows and product launches to virtual seminars and conferences, TPG has been turning good ideas into brand experiences that matter for over 25 years.

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Jamey Berry, Futureman Digital

Futureman Digital
Sometimes, small-scale agencies focus too much on acquiring more clients. Instead of trying to generate as many leads as possible, Jamey says to focus on the relationships you have with existing clients. Small agencies have the advantage of honing their services to coordinate with individual needs, so it’s essential to invest your time and resources in cultivating mutually beneficial partnerships.

Futureman Digital is a select team that delivers rock-solid content, engaging experiences, and creative material. For over 11 years, Futureman has been the team behind groundbreaking websites, content creation, video, AR, and digital experiences.

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Brittany Satterfield, IMPACT Digital Marketing

When starting out, agency owners are often quick to hire talent and obtain clients. Yet, sometimes these individuals aren’t the right fit, which is why Brittany emphasizes quality over quantity. It’s necessary to acquire clients who can provide value for your agency, double your ROI, and help you scale. Comparably, skilled talent is essential in delivering personalized solutions to your customers.

IMPACT Digital Marketing focuses on providing value through digital marketing services that deliver results. Based on individual goals and budgets, IMPACT puts together custom marketing packages to fit each vision, client, and brand.

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Sharon Lee Thony, SLT Consulting

The digital advertising space is constantly evolving, so staying on top of market trends is crucial for success. According to Sharon, advertisers are shifting away from creating ads on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, as the market is declining. For this reason, it’s important to remain flexible and develop innovative approaches to digital advertising. Each platform is unique, so advertisers must curate their content to reach their ideal audience.

SLT Consulting is a female-led, strategy-driven growth agency with a love for consumer product brands that truly care about purpose and growth. SLTC partners with early-stage startups ready to accelerate growth and established brands preparing for the next growth stage. The agency has worked with brands including Priceless, Clean Beauty Lab, The Dogist, and Pura Vida Naturals.

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Allison Minutillo, Rebel Interactive Group

Allison asserts the importance of structuring your agency around core values. To ensure your team actively demonstrates these principles during day-to-day operations, she recommends documenting them in written and verbal contexts. Develop informative dialogues that encourage your team to reflect freely on each value. Allison says that kindness, respect, and empathy are crucial to the success of any agency.

As a full-service digital marketing and advertising agency, Rebel Interactive Group inspires and empowers clients to realize their capabilities. With a team of brilliant, talented, award-winning subject matter experts, Rebel Interactive has created an ecosystem of brands that make up the “Rebel Realm.” The group has tapped into its strengths and passions to expand into verticals such as SaaS products, apparel, and education.

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Greg Shanken, Gloss

Greg believes strategic company culture is key to streamlining your business operations. When structuring your team, avoid creating silos that restrict transparency and communication. Greg struggled to manage his company with siloed teams, which is why he maintains the importance of fostering a sense of community and encouraging each member to take responsibility for their work.

Gloss is an agency that helps brands acquire new customers, outperform the competition, and build a reputation to maximize revenue. The agency specializes in automated revenue and lead generation, web development, SEO, social media, reputation management, and business listing management.

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Jessica Goldberg, Rebel Gail Communications

When scaling your agency, it’s critical not to pursue clients solely based on the amount of revenue you can generate from them. Jessica acquired a profitable client who lacked respect for her team. She says not to let your clients take advantage of you, and always acknowledge when to dismiss a problematic customer. The best way to recover from this type of loss is to rebuild your company.

Rebel Gail Communications helps health, beauty, and lifestyle brands find their relevance and voice among a dynamic range of consumers and physicians seeking and digesting information across a vast array of channels. Rebel Gail has combined its specialties, insights, and networks into a modern marketing communications agency that rebels against the status quo, moves brands forward, and propels people to action.

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William Beutler, Beutler Ink

Managing a team of employees in an agency involves executing methodical strategies to achieve success. Leaders must evaluate positions to secure an optimal fit, communicate with internal departments, and understand the role each member plays in the business. As a solo leader, managing large teams can be challenging. William asserts that people are at the core of agency work, so it’s crucial to value them and create an environment where they can thrive.

Beutler Ink is a strategic creative agency. For more than 10 years, the agency has helped emerging brands and industry pioneers tell their stories through engaging content, dynamic social media strategies, and an honest approach to reputation, including the unique embrace of Wikipedia.

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Jonathan Ogle, The Infinite Agency

In a volatile market, it can be intimidating to manage an agency without certainty of the outcome. To ensure success, Jonathan says it’s essential to possess determination and tenacity. With realistic and clearly defined goals, you can overcome unpredictable circumstances.

The Infinite Agency is a full-service advertising agency that is built to create the future of brands using data-driven strategies, influencer marketing, modern video production, social content creation, digital media, and creative thinking. Infinite creates meaningful connections between brands, people, and culture in the social, digital, and physical world.

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Katie Schibler Conn, KSA Marketing

When dealing with burnout, it’s sometimes necessary to take mental breaks. Running a thriving agency requires laser focus and the ability to view situations objectively. That’s why Katie recommends downtime for her team to focus on themselves. It’s also a moment to step back to understand why some strategies are either effective or ineffective. That moment of clarity allows the team to release their superhero mentality to better serve their clients.

KSA is a woman-owned marketing agency that integrates the art of storytelling, the science of marketing, and brand archetypes to create bold and stellar campaigns. A full-service agency, KSA serves a diverse group of clients ranging from small to large and includes major brands such as Pepsi, Lay’s, and Gatorade. Above all, KSA shows up for its clients when they’re in panic mode, aka the “Oh sh*t moments.”

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Phil Frost, Main Street ROI

When a team of workers clicks, it creates a winning company dynamic. It’s important to retain that talent once they are onboard. That’s why Phil keeps his team motivated by investing in and providing continuing education. Phil believes that identifying and creating the desired culture helps attract and retain top talent that benefits company culture.

Main Street ROI has been offering its digital marketing expertise to clients across the globe for over a decade. Since the pandemic, the founders at Main Street ROI traded their Manhattan office for a fully remote culture that provides in-house services. Some of its marketing services include SEO, social media, personalized WordPress websites, and Facebook and Google ads. Additionally, the agency offers its clients complimentary education through newsletters, ebooks, courses, and webinars.

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Andrew Woods, Duckpin

With so many trends in marketing, it’s easy to get distracted, but Andrew recommends avoiding “shiny objects” and focusing on expertise. He cautions against getting caught up in the hype. Instead, Andrew prides himself and Duckpin on team and customer feedback. To thrive as an agency, the team and founders of Duckpin rely on this feedback to drive innovation.

Duckpin is a cohesive web, brand, and marketing agency boasting a goal-oriented and results-focused partner that is dedicated to client success. Eager to listen with a hands-on approach, Duckpin places itself on the front lines when its clients face complex challenges. Based outside Baltimore, Maryland, Duckpin has worked with small and large companies ranging from national brand Under Armour to tech startup Chai Energy to local small business The Bagelry Silver Spring.

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Samir Balwani, QRY

QRY is the product of a marketing agency for which Samir wished to work. So what did he do? He created his agency on principles that were important to him. Starting an agency from the ground up can be daunting, but according to Samir, thinking it’s too early to upstart an agency equates to being right on track. Samir recommends finding a niche and monitoring growth margins.

QRY is a marketing agency that uses a test-and-learn methodology to help growing consumer brands scale their business. QRY’s team comprises curious, collaborative, communicative, passionate, and professional creatives at the forefront of media, strategy, e-commerce, consumer behavior, and analytics.

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Eric Elliott, VIP Marketing

VIP Marketing
Leading a team of people as an agency principal can be a blessing and a curse. There is this constant managing of the needs and desires and navigating different personalities. However, as an agency owner, Eric believes it’s just as imperative to listen to his employees as it is to nurture and develop their talent. Eric says that when leading, he refrains from placing his exact expectations on his team.

VIP Marketing provides top-notch branding and video production services. It is named as one of the top 200 marketing agencies in the country. Composed of a team of creators, designers, developers, and branding and marketing experts, VIP Marketing offers promotional services for clients in law, healthcare, and automotive sectors.

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Brian Meert, AdvertiseMint

Running an advertising agency is the equivalent of being a firefighter: there are constant fires that need to be extinguished. Even when business is at an all-time high, it only takes one mistake to lose a client. Therefore, Brian insists on hiring great talent. Brian’s journey leading a top agency has taught him that there is power in building relationships. To do this, a team must be willing to go above and beyond to satisfy clients.

AdvertiseMint is a Hollywood-based digital agency helping companies advertise on Facebook and Instagram. Furthermore, the agency is a go-to resource for clients when it comes to generating leads, targeting new customers, increasing sales, and app installs.

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Tanya De Poli, Founders Agency

Pouring everything into a new business causes so much anxiety. However, when the best people for the job are in place, it helps to alleviate unnecessary stressors. That’s why Tanya credits placing the people at the forefront as a key to running a successful business. But don’t just stop there. According to Tanya, agency owners must focus on acquiring the right talent and having a strategy to retain the talent.

With a team of 43 minority owners, Founders Agency is an independent creative agency with offices dotting Miami, New York, Mexico City, Bogota, Buenos Aires, and Kingston. Specializing in creative campaigns, Founders’ clients include Netflix, Snapchat, Heineken, and Lamb Weston.

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Vince Vu, Lab 916

Vince runs a successful agency that helps companies generate high profits. With more than a decade of e-commerce brand experience, Vince does not solely take credit for his success. Instead, Vince attributes his achievements and the success of Lab 916 to the people he surrounds himself with, which for him, it’s his team.

For nearly a decade, Lab 916 has served its customers as a full-service Amazon firm. Copywriters and designers complete the Sacramento-based team. Since its inception, Lab 916 has assisted over 700 brands optimize their product listings through their expertise in branding, marketing, logistics, and storefront and product listing management.

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Ben DiSanti, DHP Agency

As odd as it may sound, growth and discomfort are synonymous. You can’t expect to grow if you’re unwilling to venture out of your comfort zone. The daily grind of running a business comes with many challenges, like the ever-changing economy, diverse cultures, and new technology. Ben has experienced this firsthand but attributes his agency’s success to getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

The Chicago-based DHP agency utilizes retail, shopper, and brand knowledge as creative sources to deliver maximum results for its clients. DHP places high value and respect on the partnerships it develops with its clients, which include Teks, Kapow, Friendly’s, and Ferrero.

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Ken Womack, MindHandle

In the early days of MindHandle, the business restricted itself to only a creative agency, which meant limited opportunities. It didn’t take Ken long to figure out that to offer their clients diversified services, they first needed talent with diverse skills. Along with having a diverse talent pool and client base, Ken practices developing a culture that attracts the right type of people.

MindHandle is a Dallas-based creative and branding agency with a passion for restaurants. At MindHandle, an expression for powerful creative ideas to take hold in the consumer’s mind, storytelling plays a significant role in crafting brand stories. That storytelling goes into the agency’s world-class merchandising. MindHandle has created innovative menu designs for national brand restaurants such as Chili’s, La Madeleine, Pizza Hut, Cotton Patch, Texas Land & Cattle, and TGI Friday’s.

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William Harris, Elumynt

William had a vision and a set of values in place to set the culture for his agency. William says it’s important for everyone on his staff to understand these core values. Upon onboarding new team members, William ensures individuals’ values align with the Elumnyt’s, which gives his team members autonomy over their decisions.

Elumynt is a performance-driven e-commerce marketing agency. The agency offers services such as link building, content marketing, email, SEM, e-commerce, and Facebook and Instagram ads. Some of Elumynt’s clients include Oros, LuckyScent, and Lil’ Tulips.

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Matt Swulinski, Full Funnel Growth

At the inception of Full Funnel Growth (FFG), Matt admits the agency did not have a head of operations. The decision to hire one came during the revamping of FFG because experience taught Matt that running a business is all about operations. Matt is also big on identifying business pain points, so he avoids acquiring a dedicated sales department. Instead, the agency relies on referrals, maintains a good work ethic, treats its team and clients with the utmost respect, and reaps the rewards that are the results of the agency’s integrity and hard work.

Full Funnel Growth, aka FFG, is a New York-based full-stack growth marketing agency. Providing in-house marketing, design, and development, FFG delivers strategy and execution services for B2B and B2C industries. Often partnering with its clients’ marketing teams, FFG is proud to have worked with Bloomberg, Sports Illustrated, Georgia-Pacific, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Logitech, and Prospect New York.

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Linda Welter, Caliber Group

Caliber Group
Two high-performing women lead The Caliber Group: Linda, Principal and CEO, and Principal and President Kerry Stratford. Both women attribute resilience and a strong work ethic to their entrepreneurial spirits. Additionally, Linda and Kerry surround themselves with a team of excellent workers who have faith, are consistent, and build trust within the company culture and with their clients. Perhaps the most significant message Linda and Kerry share is that they treat themselves as clients.

The Arizona-based Caliber marketing agency interweaves branding and public relations to serve its US and international clients. When companies face complex issues that require innovative thinking, Caliber Group intercedes with its strategic business expertise, resulting in customer satisfaction.

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Sean Sinatra, Dystrick Design

When heading an agency, it is vital to recruit the best talent, have core values in place, and retain clients. But all of this is moot without communication. For Sean, his relationship with the clients goes beyond business. He enjoys getting to know his clients on a personal level. Through this type of alliance, Sean offers insight and knowledge and earns his clients’ trust. Sean’s rule also applies to his team, and he is sure to have well-thought-out plans before assigning projects.

With nearly 20 years of experience as a creative marketing agency, Dystrick is laser-focused on branding, web design, development, animation, and advertising. The company’s humble beginnings started in the founders’ homes, and now the Silicon Valley firm is a renowned top-notch agency for companies throughout California and the rest of the world.

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Diane Sutton, VisionPoint Marketing

To build a successful agency, Diane’s top tip is to hone your business strategy and fiercely protect your company culture. As your business grows and becomes more complex, it is important to step back, review your strategy, and do some real strategic planning. At this point, you have developed a solid understanding of your competition and know what the market demands. Also, when your team grows past 10 employees, this is the best time to develop well-defined values to build a great company culture. According to Diane, without a good vision, your agency will not thrive.

VisionPoint Marketing is an integrated marketing agency that helps institutions of higher education meet their admissions, branding, and communication goals. The team is committed to strategy and making data-driven decisions across all marketing disciplines. The agency’s core values (vision points) are at the heart of the unique company culture, defining and uniting it as a group.

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Kevin Hourigan, Spinutech

Running any business, including an agency, involves constantly interacting with people. It includes clients, employees, vendors, and various stakeholders. Having survived the dot-com bubble, Kevin advocates being part of a community. He enjoys networking, collaborating with his team, and working with mentors. As a member of YPO, The CEO Council of Tampa Bay, and the Agency Management Institute, Kevin also values learning from others and getting valuable feedback from his peers.

Spinutech, a full-service web design and digital marketing agency, helps companies grow their business and build a solid digital foundation. It serves clients in the healthcare, manufacturing, banking, and insurance industries. Spinutech is a Google Premier Partner with offices in Chicago, Denver, Des Moines, and Tampa.

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Alvaro Psevoznik, The Foodie Agency

The evolution of digital marketing has intensified competition among brands in various industries. Having an online presence is no longer enough and agency owners have to come up with creative strategies to grow their brands. To help his clients stand out from the competition, Alvaro says that educating companies on the best marketing strategies is important. What works for one company may not work for the other. Spending some time every day learning something new and joining a supportive community will help you grow.

The Foodie Agency is a full-service marketing agency that serves clients through online marketing, social media, web design, branding, and design services. For over 20 years, it has specialized in providing marketing services to various restaurants in the US. The Foodie Agency partners with food establishments to make them stand out, increase their guest database, and reach a wider audience.

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Robert Cornish, Richter

Building a successful agency involves moving a lot of pieces. When getting started, it is essential to identify your target audience, understand their pain points, and determine how your agency will help solve those problems. Robert says that you need to have a well-defined vision and well-established core values to achieve this. You also need to hire an efficient team and build a great company culture that complements your people and helps them to put these plans into action.

Richter works with many of the largest B2B tech, media, finance, and entertainment companies to support their end-to-end sales journey through presales, sales, internal communications and training, and the customer experience. It was founded by Robert Cornish in early 2008 with the goal of building an agency focused on communication strategies that support sales growth for business-to-business technology-related companies. Richter works with over 50 of the Global Fortune 500 and has earned a spot on the Inc 5000 list 5X comprised of America’s fastest-growing companies, the Silicon Valley Fast 50 4X in a row, and the Entrepreneur 360 award 2X.

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Matias Barrera, DiHunch

One common mistake many new agencies make is trying to serve all types of clients. As your business grows, it is advisable to identify which clients align with your goals and focus on them. As the CEO of a branding agency, Matias says that getting the right clients is one step toward success. Doing so will help you accelerate growth and scale your company faster. It will also help you save money and other limited resources.

DiHunch is a brand-building agency. Its main goal is to elevate and grow brands with customized solutions to conquer the digital world. DiHunch mixes creativity with data and technology to make companies stand out in their competitive markets by increasing qualified traffic by 50%—60%.

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Florian Auckenthaler, DesigningIT

Having a skilled and highly talented team is essential for the growth of an agency. Their expertise helps to drive the company forward, especially during tough times. According to Florian, you can only be as good as your team. Take the time to identify their strengths and weaknesses because your team can either make you or break you. Florian has small, dedicated teams at DesigningIT that handle various aspects of growing the business.

DesigningIT is an international digital agency that helps companies grow by finding new customers through strategy, marketing design, and tech. The agency has a diverse team of problem solvers who leverage their advanced skills and unique cultural backgrounds to grow businesses and elevate brands in the global marketplace. DesigningIT was established in 2003 by Austrian native Florian Auckenthaler.

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Darwin Liu, X Agency

One of Darwin’s top tips for running a successful agency is focusing on sales. You can be an expert in any field, but you also need to pay attention to your sales process. Clients are necessary for your business to thrive. You also require efficient marketing strategies to create awareness about your business and attract clients. Darwin uses content marketing, newsletters, and networking to grow sales. However, he discourages business owners from hiring friends.

X Agency is a digital marketing agency that builds integrated marketing strategies for e-commerce businesses. The company has growth engineers and digital storytellers who craft and execute custom digital marketing roadmaps to help brands increase profitability. X Agency helps clients generate qualified leads through search engine marketing, paid social campaigns, search engine optimization, and email marketing.

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Chris Frank, Cfx Inc.

As the owner of a growing digital agency, Chris knows the challenges associated with managing relationships. He focuses on providing quality services to his clients consistently, which leads to regular work. His advice is to never burn bridges. Be smart and strategic, pay close attention to your clients’ needs and the quality of your services, and build good relationships with them.

Founded in 2001 by Chris Frank and his wife Megan, Cfx, Inc. is a full-service, boutique advertising agency that takes a unique approach to its business practices, company culture, and client relationships. It provides marketing, communications, and advertising solutions that advance the image and sales of its diverse client base that spans multiple industries. Cfx helps clients drive more traffic to their websites, convert prospects to customers, and increase sales and brand awareness.

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Jennifer Sutton, Bright + CO Marketers

Jennifer’s top tip for an agency owner looking to scale is to stay consistent with your why. An agency will not achieve its objectives unless it has a clear direction and dedication. Make a strategic plan and stick to it. The company’s core values drive Jennifer’s team. They provide excellent services and charge top dollar. She also advises other agency owners to build good systems that will gradually help them get out of the daily running of their business.

BRIGHT+ CO is a community of marketers based in downtown Greenville, SC. Its vision is to help organizations, big or small, develop strategies that place the customer at its core. BRIGHT+ CO leverages the best combination of data, technology, systems, and service to deliver high-performing, customized plans that are transparent to the execution level.

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Ron Gibori, Idea Booth

Ron works alongside his clients to build a thriving agency. He knows the role the human element plays in creating a supportive network and scaling a business. He says that agency owners should focus on the needs of their employees, encourage creativity, and create a conducive atmosphere for nurturing new ideas. Ron has learned how to balance his time between serving clients and meeting the needs of his employees. It promotes growth over the long run by adding value to the clientele and the firm.

Idea Booth is a design-led, digitally-minded, creatively disruptive agency that specializes in the creation of brand experiences. It focuses on helping clients successfully navigate the digital landscape by embracing business model innovations, evolving technologies, and changes in user behavior. Idea Booth provides brand strategy, graphic design, and digital marketing services to businesses and entrepreneurs.

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Brad Poller, Princeton Internet Marketing

Building a successful agency is not a one-time event. Business owners need to be consistent in finding and attracting new clients, providing excellent services, and promoting repeat sales. It is a continuous process. Brad participates, in his local chamber of commerce and social groups for marketers, to not only network and learn from other marketers but to promote his business as well. He advises other agency leaders to surround themselves with like-minded people and ask for referrals to drive future sales.

With over 40 cumulative years of digital marketing, programming, and web design experience, Princeton Internet Marketing has successfully launched dozens of businesses into the online world. It serves medium to large product and service-based businesses and franchises looking to increase their web presence. The full-service agency focuses on franchise marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), paid search, responsive web design & website management, and social media marketing.

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Bobbie Bailey, M Agency

Bobbie has spent many years in sales and marketing and has witnessed many changes in the industry. From the evolution of the digital marketing landscape to surviving a pandemic, Bobbie has learned that companies have to stay agile to thrive in a competitive market. She says that agency owners must focus on their long-term goals, employees, and company culture for maximum impact and success.

Headquartered in Tacoma, Washington, M Agency is an award-winning full-service creative marketing agency. Its vision is to help businesses transition into timeless brands through result-driven strategic marketing. For the last 12 years, the agency has helped hundreds of businesses become staples in their space by creating concrete foundations of their company’s main purpose.

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David Adelman, OCD Media

To find out if you are running a salable company, step away from the daily running of the business for a while and see whether the company can run without you. David says that spending time on business development has allowed him to build a profitable agency that can run independently of him. He has put a lot of trust in his team and gives them the space they need to develop their talents and run the business. He advises business owners to spend more time focusing on scaling their agency and developing an exit strategy.

Working directly with consumer products and healthcare brands, OCD Media specializes in bringing advanced data-driven decisions to ensure that all paid and non-paid media programs are executed to achieve your specific goals. It is an entrepreneurial media planning and buying agency for marketers seeking hands-on care and superior media strategy from highly experienced professionals. Some of its clients include Eight O’Clock Coffee, Tetley Tea, Jackson Hewitt Tax Prep, Rebootizer, Municipal Credit Union of NY, and Independence Care System of NY, among others.

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Keith Alper, The Nitrous Effect

To grow and scale your agency, you must develop effective strategies to identify your target clients, reach out to them, and ask the right questions. It is what Keith learned from scaling his agency. He uses various methods, including podcasts, to get new clients. He also says that change is inevitable and agency leaders have to be adaptable to thrive. Spend time building personal connections with your clients and use different channels to communicate with potential leads.

The Nitrous Effect is a network of five independent agencies and specialists who collaborate to solve complex problems faster than the traditional agency or holding company. Its unique approach brings together the best minds across disciplines to invent powerful, integrated solutions for some of the world’s leading brands. The network includes CPG, UPBrand Collaborative, Vidzu Media, Evntiv, and Geniecast.

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Michal Fasone Jr., Fasone & Partners

Fasone & Partners
Generosity is a valuable trait, and Michal embodies just that. Even if he’s talking to vendors, discussing strategies with clients, or just speaking with employees, he makes sure to do the right thing. His golden advice is to surround yourself with the best people and trust them completely — that’s how you can find the most value and create an organic win-win situation. For Michal, it’s essential to always keep the client in mind to foster mutual understanding and confidence that translates to success.

Fasone & Partners is an advertising agency based in Kansas City that values quality above all. Its client-focused solutions allow the agency to build lasting relationships that bring substantial growth and unparalleled results. Fasone & Partners also holds an annual fundraiser called “Toys of Toddies,” where they give back to local Kansas City families and express the true holiday spirit for a thriving community.

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Jeff Tait, TFC Marketing

Jeff is a firm believer in continuous learning and giving back, and he is grateful for having a mentor with whom he can share his entrepreneurial experiences. His key advice for upcoming entrepreneurs is to be confident in establishing a comfortable framework that will contribute to understanding the amount of work needed. However, Jeff also advocates for practicing mindfulness to find mental peace, especially at the prospect of being overwhelmed by starting a new business. It allows one to be fully present in any business endeavor while it also helps in retaining valuable experiences to further fuel one’s drive for success.

TFC Marketing is a digital media agency with a focus on e-commerce solutions and lead generation tools. It helps the clients reach a bigger audience, increase profitability, and scale their business in enjoyable and effective ways. Gone are the days of boring presentations and stressful workdays, TFC Marketing makes digital strategies engaging and fun.

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Aaron Schoenberger, The Brainchild Group

The Brainchild Group
Aaron recognizes honesty as the number one priority in maintaining partnerships. As an essential part of managing expectations, honesty promotes trust and respect when doing business, opening opportunities for further success.

The Brainchild Group is a web marketing and consulting firm that has been guiding companies to success for over 15 years. Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies rely on its premier SEO, social media, and influencer marketing strategies.

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Lesley Bielby, DiMassimo Goldstein

It’s no secret that trends in the marketing industry can change rapidly, making flexibility a valuable and desirable skill. Sometimes, these changes can lead to making drastic adjustments that affect consumers. If that happens, however, Lesley’s advice is to always go back to customers’ feedback instead of losing focus by making change after change, which often leads to confusion.

DiMassimo Goldstein (DiGo) is a creative agency with an exclusive focus on fostering better habits through its Positive Behavior Change marketing solution. DiGo trusts the creative process, which has led it to transform marketing strategies for businesses during trying times. As marketing has shifted toward a more minimalistic approach, DiGo has helped brands flourish by revolutionizing their approach and thinking outside the box.

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Alex Morse, side•sea

Focusing on the processes that were already in place helped Alex stay organized as his business grew. A working, solid framework helps an actively growing company, especially when more than 15 employees are involved. Although it becomes increasingly difficult to make snap changes within your business, established processes keep a steady pace and provide employees with familiarity in uncertain times.

Side•sea is an agency that promotes positive change through inspirational and engaging design solutions. Its specialty in web design embodies the client’s missions through creative and motivational ideas, often sparking meaningful and innovative conversations.

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Gina Gianatasio Michnowicz, The Craftsman Agency

An agency’s greatest asset is people. You can never go wrong by hiring the best professionals, regardless of their location, but maintaining talent is not always as easy as it sounds. However, Gina’s best tip is learning to effectively manage workload on a level that allows employees to be as creative as possible while maintaining a healthy mindset. Striking a balance between productivity and creativity is the key to achieving the best results.

The Craftsman Agency helps brands express themselves and represent their mission in a magical way that leaves a lasting impression on customers. Its creative shop focuses exclusively on content craftsmanship to envelop natural and digital storytelling, brand strategy, and collaboration across the market.

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CJ Bachmann, 1SEO Digital Agency

Establishing a priority early on is essential for building a successful business framework. For CJ, the number one focus will always be the client. Providing the best-personalized customer experience has helped CJ build a culture that people can stand behind, especially when it’s accompanied by visible and long-lasting results.

As an award-winning organization, 1SEO Digital Agency brings high-quality SEO, advertising, and creative solutions for guaranteed business growth. Its data-driven approach is focused on creating the best possible marketing experience for clients, thus building long-term relationships. With over 10 years in the business and thousands of clients, 1SEO Digital Agency’s proven methods help brands succeed on multiple levels.

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William Castillo, TFC Marketing

For William, being organized is a fundamental priority that helps understand processes for all involved parties, be it vendors, employees, or leadership. Having sustainable processes in place leaves more time for building a network. Even though entrepreneurs in the marketing industry occasionally face rejection, William advises them to keep going and work toward providing value to everyone who says “yes.”

TFC Marketing is a digital media agency with a deep understanding of growth strategies for brands. With a variety of services in web development, content creation, and lead generation, TFC Marketing helps businesses scale successfully, expand brand awareness, and increase profitability.

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Cyril Lemaire, Traktek Partners

There are many aspects to the dynamic nature of the marketing industry. Cyril values people who are dedicated and passionate about their work and are willing to overcome obstacles to get the job done. It’s impossible to be everything to everyone, and delegation plays a big part in effective leadership and successful projects.

Traktek Partners is a digital marketing agency that pairs innovative designs with data analytics and marketing strategies for measurable results. For more than a decade, Traktek Partners’ award-winning web designs, marketing solutions, and undeniable partnership culture have paved the way for the success of many brands across the globe.

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