Get More Clients, Stop Trading Hours for Dollars, and START Building a Truly Leveraged Business That Scales

Build the Foundation of a More Scaleable Business So You Can Stop Trading Time for Money
To: All Professional Services Providers currently trading “hours for dollars”:

Have you ever said to yourself, “All I need is just a few more good clients each month”?

I know I have.
Let’s say you got 5 good new clients each month.
Would that be a good thing?

If you’re like most consultants, coaches, financial advisors or other professional service providers, you will probably say yes.

What if you got 10 good new clients per month? Would you be thrilled, or would things start to break?

Now let me give you one more hypothetical.
What if you got

New Clients per day?

10 new clients, each day, every day. Would you be able to take it? Or would your business burst at the seams?

Would your business implode like this building?

It’s not your Fault..

If you’re like 99.9% of Consultants, coaches, web developers, financial advisors, or other service professionals, then the reason you feel “strapped” to your business is because the business model is flawed.

So what can you do about it?

Hi, I’m John Corcoran.  I’m the guy on the right – and the co-founder of Rise25, LLC. That’s my business partner, Dr. Jeremy Weisz, on the left. 

I’m an attorney-entrepreneur, former Clinton White House writer, contributor for Forbes and Huffington Post.

I jokingly refer to myself as a “recovering attorney,” now that I’ve transitioned out of practicing law.

But back in 2011, when I launched my business on the heels of the great recession, I thought it would be easy to run a business and get new clients while also serving those clients.

Oh, how mistaken I was.

I quickly saw how much time, energy and effort it took to run a service-based business.

I realized as long as I was “trading hours for dollars,” and had to hustle to get new clients in the door each and every month (while serving the ones I already had!), I would always feel like I was treading water in my business.

It seemed I was constantly struggling to land new clients, then I had to turn around and spend even more time keeping those clients happy. And while I was serving clients, I needed to also be going out and getting new clients.

It was a never-ending rollercoaster.

You ever experience that?

I spent more wasted hours in one on one “discovery calls” with prospective clients and “get to know you” coffees with other service professionals than I care to admit. And most of the time those meetings led to ZERO new clients and ZERO new referrals.

I felt “stuck,” and not sure how to break through.

I wanted a smarter, more leveraged, more intelligent way of attracting high quality clients, charging premium prices, and getting paid even when I’m not in the office.

And I wanted to make this happen even though I felt like I had no time to make it happen.

Maybe you can relate to this?

The bottom line was I knew I needed to make a change in my business so it wasn’t 100% dependent on me being at the center all the time. I wanted to be able to take a vacation without stressing out about all the clients who might abandon me while I was gone, or the leads I would miss while I was away.

Finally, after years and years of trying just about everything, I figured out how to add new revenue streams, diversify my income sources, and scale up my business so I was (finally) no longer trading hours for dollars.

By 2015, it was like I had flipped a switch. I was able to step back from the day-to-day of working “in” my law practice and build a business that generated more revenue, paid me even when I was sleeping (I know, crazy, right?), and allowed me to scale it up.

I’ve even been profiled on page 2 of the bestselling book Entrepreneurial You by Dorie Clark (Harvard Business Review Press), who mentioned my story as an inspiration for why she shifted away from trading hours for dollars, after I told her I had made $30K one month through my email list.

The Birth of Rise 25
I co-founded Rise25 with my business partner Dr. Jeremy Weisz, because he and I know exactly what it is like to spend your entire week “trading hours for dollars.”

When Jeremy and I connected, I realized we really had a lot in common, even though I was a lawyer and he was a chiropractor.

Like me, Jeremy realized quickly he wanted to diversify his revenue sources so he wasn’t always stuck working and so he didn’t feel married to his business.

The first Rise25 retreat was held in March 2015. Shortly after that, we did another retreat. And another. And another.

And along the way, we realized we were on a mission.

It’s a mission

to help more professional services entrepreneurs to scale up their businesses before they burn out, so they can do less “trading hours for dollars,” diversify their revenues, and do more of what they love.

But we also realized not everyone can travel to a live retreat, and if we wanted to help more people, we needed to meet them where they’re at.

Rise 25
Revenue booster

Rise25 Revenue Booster program is a virtual program designed to get you new clients FAST and to generate new revenue quickly, without spending a bunch of money on risky advertising or wasting your time going to networking events.

If you are a professional services business owner (you’re a consultant, coach, writer/speaker, web designer, etc.) and you serve clients but you NEED more clients NOW, and you’d like our personal, one-on-one attention, this is for you.

What is included?

The Rise25 Revenue Booster program includes:

How to Identify the Pain You Solve

We help you to identify the big, burning pain you solve for your ideal clients - so you can attract more of the right clients for you.

How to get clear on the ideal client for your business.

How to identify the big promise you deliver

We help you to identify the "big promise" you deliver - which will make attracting clients much easier.

We help you to figure out how to articulate the results your create for your clients so they are ready to buy.

Your Dream Product ladder

We help you to do an "audit" of all the revenue sources in your business today - including the quick-cash "untapped revenue" opportunities

We help you to lay out the list of "one to many" programs and offerings you want to offer one day - so you can identify which to create and in what order.

This is Not a Passive Digital Course

Please note: this is not a passive digital course you buy once and feel guilty about never watching.

We include a personal one-on-one strategy call with us to help make sure you get results.

On the strategy call, we will dive into your business and work with you personally to uncover “untapped revenue” lying dormant in your business.

We will also review your Dream Product Ladder exercise (a proprietary tool we developed which we use with our highest level clients) to help you build out your most profitable and personally satisfying business.

On these strategy sessions, we will work with you to identify a step-by-step plan to launch a profitable new “one to many” product, program or service that you could use to “scale up” your business.

We do very little one-on-one work outside of this program, but we included it because we have walked in your shoes, trading hours for dollars and feeling stuck, and we knew getting on the phone with you would help the largest number of people possible.


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So what is included?

Here’s what you get:

How to create a quick infusion of cash in your business using your existing network, clients and connections

We introduce you to the fundamentals of how to create a "one to many" program to make your business 10X more scaleable (and so you can work less)

How to identify the real "pain" you solve for your clients and how to articulate that pain in a way that will make your ideal prospects want to buy NOW

How to identify the "big promise" you deliver (which is the real reason people buy from you)

How to get real world feedback on your offers before you create them

How to analyze and review your current product ladder and how to create your Dream Product Ladder using our Dream Product Ladder template

The most common negative beliefs which cause procrastination and how to overcome them so you take more action

How to create urgency to buy through "scarcity with integrity"

Rise25 Student Adrienne Used Our Strategies to Generate $65,000 from One Live Workshop

“The event itself was fantastic. Everyone was super happy and got everything they needed.  We had $65,500 in sales.

Plus We’re Throwing in
Two Insane Bonuses

Bonus #1

Ultimate Email template

Bonus “Ultimate Feedback Email Template”
with 3-word subject line that got 95% response rate
Bonus #2

One-on-One Strategy Call

As a special bonus, we include a one-on-one strategy session so we can help you to take action on the material in the program.

We will help you to strategize your positioning, pricing & your offers

We will review your Dream Product Ladder exercise & provide feedback

We’ve already helped many entrepreneurs to develop new products and programs that added $50K, $100K, $200K or more to their businesses. We know it can be done and you can do it, if you work hard.

Is it easy? Of course not. You need to put in the work.

But you’re already working hard. It’s about working smarter. And monetizing the knowledge and expertise in your head in new ways.

“I want to write you a check right now!”

When Lauree Ofstrosky got feedback from her clients about what she should create as her first scaleable group program, she found one person who suggested Lauree double the price of what Lauree was planning to charge for the program … and this person even begged Lauree to let her join the program on the spot.

Here’s what Lauree shared in our private Facebook community:

Ready to Get Started?

Training Program to Get You New Clients FAST and generate new revenue quickly

A One-on-One Strategy Call to Identify Fast-Cash Revenue Opportunities and Strategize Positioning, Pricing & Your Offers

Bonus: Our “Ultimate Email Template” & Script with 3-Word Subject Line That Gets 95% Response Rate So Your Prospects Create Exactly What they Want to Buy From You

New $25,000 Order from 1 Email

I got huge ROI off our initial conversation. My email blast on the rack protectors we talked about officially went out and I have a verbal order for $25k. I can honestly say i would not even have gotten started with this if we hadn’t had a heart to heart on our strategy call. Accountability, accountability, accountability. It’s already got my juices flowing. Thanks for the roundhouse kick!!!
Mark Hiddleson

Specialized Storage Solutions Inc.

TWO “No-Risk” Money-Back Guarantees

We’re also throwing in not one but TWO “no risk” money-back guarantees to make this a no-brainer.

Guarantee #1: 60 Day “Test Drive” guarantee

If you buy Revenue Booster and don’t agree that it’s worth every penny I said it was, I will refund your money.

Try the whole course, show you did the work, and if you didn’t make progress, I’ll refund your money.


Guarantee #2: 60-Day $1,000 Promise

If you do go through the program and haven’t made or uncovered at least $1,000 within 60 days, I will work with you one-on-one to get you on track.

Ready to Get Started?

Training Program to Get You New Clients FAST and generate new revenue quickly

A One-on-One Strategy Call to Identify Fast-Cash Revenue Opportunities and Strategize Positioning, Pricing & Your Offers (value: $500)

Bonus: Our “Ultimate Email Template” & Script with 3-Word Subject Line That Gets 95% Response Rate So Your Prospects Create Exactly What they Want to Buy From You

Listen to How Rise25 Helped Scot to generate $1.6 Million in Annual Recurring Revenue within 45 Days of Working Together

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How is the course delivered?

This is a digital course and once you sign up, you will be sent access to log in immediately. After you’ve received the initial digital trainings, then we send you a scheduling link to book a time for your strategy call with John, Jeremy, or one of our certified coaches (depending on availability and who would be the best fit for your profile).

What is the refund policy?

We have two guarantees.

First, we have a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you take the course and actually put in the work and it doesn’t work for you, email us directly at and request a refund and we will give you your money back.

Secondly, we have a 60-day $1,000 guarantee. If you actually take this course, communicate with your prospects, and design & offer a scaleable “one to many” program to at least a dozen past or current clients and you haven’t made $1,000 within 60 days, contact us at and we will help to identify what went wrong so you can course correct.

Is this actually possible?

Absolutely. We are proof it works, and we’ve helped hundreds of clients to do the same – to create leveraged group offerings. 

We often find that slicing up hours of your day and selling it to the highest bidder is the simplest, but definitely not the only, way to monetize a business. Because “trading hours for dollars” becomes addictive, we often find people are unable to envision how else they could monetize their business. We help you to reevaluate what value you truly deliver to your clients, and to create leveraged offerings which deliver an escalating series of offerings with increasing value and results. In addition, because we know you probably already feel like you don’t have enough time as it is, we help you to design programs which will take less of your time rather than more of your time. 

How much time will this take?

Great question!

It can take as little or as much time as you like. We generally suggest you spend at least a few hours having conversations with current clients, past clients, or prospective clients, to understand in a deeper way their challenges and pains. This is some of the most valuable work you can do in your business, so spending 3 or 4 hours having conversations with your target market will often make you more attuned and understanding of your current market’s challenges so you can serve their needs in a deeper way. 

Is this GUARANTEED to work?

There are no guarantees in life.

And simply because we were able to achieve these results does not guarantee you will as well. Past results are no guarantee of future performance by you or anyone.

However, we are 100% committed to making this work for you. If you put in the work, we’ve seen this strategy work for hundreds of people in hundreds of fields and niches.