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Uncover 50-100K+ in untapped revenue AND create a foundation for adding future revenue streams with a streamlined process.

** 100k+ NEW BUSINESS **
Tim walked away with 4 new clients and a $100K+ new business concept.

Tim Francis

** $3,000 FROM ONE EMAIL **
“$3,000 from one email to a small list – less than a week after attending”

Matt Inglot

Freelance Transformation

“There was just so much great energy and a lot of people giving great feedback. Anytime you can get into an event like this, where there are a lot of great people that have your best interests at heart, you owe it to yourself to do that.”

Chris Johnson


There’s tremendous value in going to a mastermind like this and so much to take away and learn. Plus you’ll make great friends and get some perspective.”

Omar Zenhom

Webinar Ninja

“John and Jeremy are both world-class, and you put on a world class event. So Awesome.”

Ryan Levesque

Funnel Specialist and Author of Ask

“These guys freaking lead a great retreat…I have so many ideas from that event I had trouble sleeping for a few days… If you are considering an event with these great guys don’t think about it DO IT!”

Robert Hartline

Founder of Call Proof

“If you have a business that you’re running or that you’re thinking of adding to your existing line of business or work, this is a tremendous incubator as well as a high level peer group and the advice is something you really couldn’t buy from a consultant.”

David Garfinkel

Master Copywriter

“It was worth every penny and more…and I know it will continue to pay off for a long time to come. Not just in monetary ways but through the relationships that have been built.”

Adrienne Richardson

Facebook Expert

“One of the best groups I’ve ever participated in.”

Andrew Warner

Founder, Mixergy