How Dr. Scot Gray Generated $1.6 Million in Annual Recurring Revenue from One Workshop with 8 Attendees

When Rise25 approached Dr. Scot Gray about partnering with them to put on a workshop, he was hesitant. After all, Scot was running 3 businesses, had 2 young kids, and to make matters worse, he was in the midst of moving his family from Ohio down to Florida.

After thinking it over, Scot decided to work with Rise25 to create a small group workshop prior to the Rise25 Chicago breakthrough retreat 2017.

Prior to the workshop, Jeremy worked with Scot to make sure partnering together would be of maximum value to him with minimal effort, and helped him to develop a new higher tier offering for his done-for-you marketing services.

Shortly after creating this higher level offering and without so much as a name for it, Scot had 8 people who signed up, yielding approximately $1.6 million in annual recurring revenue which would not have been generated by his business if he had not decided to partner with Rise25 to create the Chicago workshop.

As Scot explains in the video, he found that co-hosting was fairly effortless. Scot explains that Rise25 handled all of the details for him so that he did not need to negotiate with a hotel, meet hotel minimums, arrange restaurant reservations, coordinate travel schedules, or anything else. And in fact the content that Scot presented during the workshop was based on material he had already presented.

There are a variety of reasons why this strategy works, including: Scot was positioned as an expert in the eyes of his clients, leads and prospects; inviting his clients and leads to a live workshop where he was the honorary speaker was viewed as a “give” rather than a “ask”; and inviting his past and current leads opened up a dialogue with clients which then naturally inquired about the trainings which Scot would be presenting, which led to a further discussion about how Scot could help them.

Watch the video above to hear in Scot’s own words why he thinks the workshop was so successful.