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The Rise25 podcast formula helps our clients generate 5 figure clients. 

We help B2B businesses get more clients, referral partners and strategic partners through our done-for-you podcast service  


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Here’s what people say about working with Rise25…

** 100k+ NEW BUSINESS **
Tim walked away with 4 new clients and a brought in $100K+ from brand new revenue stream in the following 12 months after working with Rise25.

Tim Francis

** $3,000 FROM ONE EMAIL **
“$3,000 from one email to a small list – less than a week after attending”

Matt Inglot

Freelance Transformation

“It was worth every penny and more…and I know it will continue to pay off for a long time to come. Not just in monetary ways but through the relationships that have been built.”

Adrienne Richardson

Facebook Expert

There’s tremendous value in going to a mastermind like this and so much to take away and learn. Plus you’ll make great friends and get some perspective.”

Omar Zenhom

Webinar Ninja

“John and Jeremy are both world-class, and you put on a world class event. So Awesome.”

Ryan Levesque

Funnel Specialist and Author of Ask

“These guys freaking lead a great retreat…I have so many ideas from that event I had trouble sleeping for a few days… If you are considering an event with these great guys don’t think about it DO IT!”

Robert Hartline

Founder of Call Proof

“If you have a business that you’re running or that you’re thinking of adding to your existing line of business or work, this is a tremendous incubator as well as a high level peer group and the advice is something you really couldn’t buy from a consultant.”

David Garfinkel

Master Copywriter

“There was just so much great energy and a lot of people giving great feedback. Anytime you can get into an event like this, where there are a lot of great people that have your best interests at heart, you owe it to yourself to do that.”

Chris Johnson


“One of the best groups I’ve ever participated in.”

Andrew Warner

Founder, Mixergy



Rise 25 features designated ‘Sherpas’ – kind of like the Sharks on ‘Shark Tank’ – which are highly successful entrepreneurs who have been to the mountain top and have come back to help others get there.  Sherpas are present at the retreats or on private webinars to provide specific feedback and advice to Rise 25 members — advice which they often would charge thousands of dollars to private clients.

In addition, we welcome VIP guests – accomplished entrepreneurs of significant achievement – to various dinners, excursions, and retreats. You never know who is going to show up when!

Chad Rubin, Cofounder of Skubana and Crucial Brands

Chad Rubin is cofounder of Skubana which is one of the most powerful operations platform in e-commerce. It helps sellers save time, money and automate workflow. He also runs an 8 figure Ecommerce company and created the software to fill the need he had.

Chad is the author of Cheaper, Easier, Direct: how to Disrupt The Marketplace and Create Your Own E-Commerce Empire.

Roland Frasier, Attorney Turned Digital Marketing Pioneer

Roland Frasier went from selling real estate at 18 to real estate development, business investments, and leveraged buyouts in college and law school. He started a law practice that grew to one of the top firms in San Diego and began forming venture investment deals with clients. He gradually evolved from practicing law to buying and selling companies, repositioning businesses and direct response marketing.

Over his career Roland has completed infomercial deals with Guthy-Renker and K-Tel Direct, publishing deals with Simon & Schuster and Random House, and negotiated shows with major hotels on the Las Vegas strip. He has been involved in over 100 private and public offerings and run international hedge funds.

Roland currently is a principal in Idea Incubator which owns both and and works in marketing businesses as a principal with Ryan Deiss, Perry Belcher, Frank Kern and many other digital marketing thought leaders.

Rick Cesari The $2 Billion Dollar Man

Rick Cesari is a pioneer in direct response marketing and television advertising. After Cesari and his brother Steve took out a home-equity loan on their mother’s home to fund the creation of their new business, Cesari Direct has gone on to help sell more than 2 billion dollars worth of products. Cesari has directly been involved in the launch of over 30 brands including the Sonicare toothbrush, OxiClean, the George Foreman Grill, GoPro camera & many more.  Today, Cesari Direct is is a consumer marketing agency, specializing in short and long form direct response television, media buying and online marketing.  Cesari’s company was responsible for taking GoPro camera from less than $1 Million in sales to over $500 Million in sales in under 5 years.

Rick is the author of Buy Now: Creative Marketing that Gets Customers to Respond to You and Your Product.

Kim Walsh Phillips Award-winning speaker, author & digital media agency CEO

Kim Walsh Phillips has put more than a BILLION dollars in her clients’ pockets with her laser focus on increasing their revenue through direct-response social media marketing.

She is also the author of Ultimate Guide to Instagram for Business (Entrepreneur Press) and No B.S. Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing: The Ultimate No Holds Barred Guide to Producing Measurable, Monetizable Results with Social Media Marketing, with Dan Kennedy.

Kim also leads the top-ranked podcast, “Facebook Sales Strategies,” on iTunes.

Kim recognizes the new economy we live in. Kim has both built & scaled up a service-based business, and she’s used “one to many” strategies (through books, speaking & more) to create leverage and get back more of her time.

Andrew Warner Founder of Mixergy

While still in his twenties, Andrew Warner used credit cards and ingenuity to found and build a $30+ mil / year (in sales) internet business with his younger brother.

After selling his interest in that business, Andrew went on to create the top-rated business podcast Mixergy, through which he helps ambitious entrepreneurs to learn from a mix of experienced mentors.

Mixergy’s headquarters in San Francisco served as the venue for John and Jeremy’s first-ever Entrepreneur Retreat in April 2015.

Andrew is going to be doing a special sit-down interview with a surprise VIP guest who you will not want to miss. We could tell you who it is, but what’s the fun in that?

Kevin Waldron: from $0 to $24 million/year and 240+ employees

About Kevin Waldron

Kevin Waldron immigrated to the U.S. from Scotland in the mid-1980s. Without a college degree, the only work he could find was with a disaster restoration company — literally cleaning up other people’s messes — where his boss was a raging alcoholic. After watching his boss make money while drinking all day, Waldron decided “if he can do it, I can do it better.”

Starting with a shoestring budget and just an 800 square foot warehouse space, and with no real business experience, Waldron grew his company into a regional powerhouse with 5 offices and over 200 employees and $24M a year in sales. He credited his business coach of 17 years, Patricia McDade, with helping him to grow the company.

After he finally sold the company in 2010, Waldron became a business coach himself. Today, Waldron does leadership coaching, helping business owners with sales between $2 million and $10 million scale upwards to $20 million and beyond. One of his recent coaching programs costs entrepreneurs $50,000 per person to participate in.

Dan Kuschell Entrepreneur, CEO of Genius Network

Dan Kuschell is the CEO for Joe Polish’s Genius Network. He’s the founder of Growth to Freedom™,, & creator of Millionaire’s Mindset.

One of his many companies he built to over 175 employees and $15 million+ a year in sales.

Dan Kuschell has owned multiple companies and has over 22 years of experience helping businesses grow exponentially.

Your Founders & Facilitators:
John Corcoran & Dr. Jeremy Weisz

It all started with a simple idea. Entrepreneurs are stronger together.

The Beginning:

John and Jeremy have a shared background as professional service entrepreneurs who have managed to diversify their business revenues and move away from trading hours for dollars by building platforms for themselves.

The first Rise25 retreat was held in March 2015. Jeremy and John put together a one-day mastermind for great entrepreneurs in the SF area prior to attending the Mastermind Talks conference they were both set to attend in Napa Valley. With just three weeks notice, they threw together an event which included such notable guests as Mixergy founder Andrew Warner, Art of Charm podcaster Jordan Harbinger, and master copywriter David Garfinkle.

Their mission is to bring together like-minded entrepreneurs from professional services backgrounds who want to scale up their businesses, spend less time trading hours for dollars, and diversify their revenues.

John Corcoran is an attorney, writer, and a father, and a former Clinton White House Writer and Speechwriter to the Governor of California.

Throughout his diverse career, he has worked in Hollywood, as an early employee at DreamWorks, working for Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen, and he has worked in the heart of Silicon Valley, advising startup entrepreneurs. He owned and operating his own boutique law firm in the San Francisco Bay Area catering to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

While practicing law full time, he created the Smart Business Revolution blog and podcast, which replaced and exceed his income as a lawyer.  Thanks in part to over 300+ live webinars, John built an email list of over 100,000+ fans across social media and email subscribers.

John’s writing has appeared in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Art of Manliness, Lifehacker, Business Insider, Get Rich Slowly, and numerous other publications, blogs and websites.  He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife Nicole and their three young boys.

Dr. Jeremy Weisz is an entrepreneur and founder of a Chiropractic and Massage facility, a podcast host and producer, creator of an industry-leading chiropractic classifieds website, and founder of a nutritional supplement ecommerce company.

Over the years, he has created numerous additional businesses to diversify his revenue sources, ranging from his work as host of the InspiredInsider podcast, to a nutritional supplement business and ecommerce business, online courses, and a classified website for chiropractors.

He has been profiled in Forbes on building up multiple businesses and in each case, he has built and streamlined and systematized the businesses in order to move on to new projects and spend less time working “in” his businesses.

He is the father of two young girls, age 5 and 2 and lives in the north suburbs of Chicago.