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As a working professional or business owner, you can probably relate to this quote by entrepreneur James Vanreusel: “The most dangerous number in business is one.”

This month, people around the country are celebrating Independence Day, the day our colonies finally became their own united nation. But, we couldn’t have won our independence if we relied on only one colony for resources. Ultimately, it’s dangerous to fight alone — and this applies in business too.

Think about it: In which areas of your business are you reliant on only one source or provider? That’s likely the same area that contains the most risk.

For example, if you’re reliant on only one type of customer, you may someday find yourself out of work in the unpredictable world of business.

When John practiced law in 2011, he worked for a law firm that focused on real estate. Then, a real estate crash happened. Most of the firm’s clients experienced major struggles, and the firm was left with over six figures in unpaid legal fees.

This experience made John realize the importance of diversifying your clientele, whether that’s across industries, demographics, or even geographical regions.

He began to leverage the online world to expand his reach. Who would you rather have as a potential customer base: California’s 35 million residents or the world’s 7.6 billion? Achieving his independence through his blog and podcast gave him the freedom to serve people anywhere in the world, all while lowering his financial risks.

Podcasting is a great tool for making your business more independent since it offers a way to connect with clients and strategic partners at scale.

Drew Hendricks, the President of Barrels Ahead and host of the Legends Behind the Craft podcast, told us, “It has liberated me from traditional networking channels and opened up new avenues for meaningful conversations.”

There is nothing more liberating than sharing your expertise and making valuable connections at the same time. Relationship Coach Dr. Marie Murphy, who hosts the podcast Your Secret is Safe With Me, also told us, “Having a podcast that provides a nonjudgmental perspective on infidelity has helped my ideal clients find me, get to know me, and feel comfortable reaching out and sharing sensitive information with me. Knowing that the content I create draws clients to me makes me feel powerful … and independent.”

Similarly, Penny Cowden, the President and Founder of Philanthropy212° and host of The Philanthropy212 Podcast, said, “[My podcast] allowed me to connect with my target market much more quickly and effectively.”

Thank you to everyone who responded to our survey! We were incredibly pleased to see all of your great replies, and even if you didn’t get a chance to respond, we hope that your podcast is helping you and your business become more independent than before. Enjoy the rest of your July!