How Mark Hiddleson Generated $200,000+ Worth of Revenue in 30 Days After Attending One Rise25 Retreat

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Like many of us, Mark became comfortable with those things he was already successful doing.  Yet, it was taking action on the unfamiliar that made all the difference.

After scheduling one strategy call with us, Mark was finally convinced to take an honest look at where he was and where he could be if he just took action.  At our encouragement, he reached out to a group of past clients with a new package we helped him shape, and instantly generated orders for $25K and $40k worth of new business.

But he didn’t stop there. Mark attended the Rise25 retreat in San Diego, California, in April 2017. He came with a goal of organizing his own first live event, a goal he had hoped to achieve for years previously, but never had.  

With some helpful accountability and guidance from our Rise25 team, Mark was able to organize a complete full-day workshop with 30+ colleagues, peers and clients from his local community and industry. 

Within 30 days of attending our retreat, he had generated $30,000+ directly from ticket sales and sponsorship of the event, and brought in another $180,000+ in new client business due to relationships forged and solidified at his event. But the real takeaway was the quality of learning and practical advice each attendee received, and the stronger relationships Mark had with his clients and referral partners. 

And Mark had created an event that he can repeat over and over again. 


Mark is a great example of how you don’t have to have it all figured out in order to go from “one-to-one” to “one-to-many”.