Feedback Phone Script

Goal: Get real world feedback on the program, product or service you are offering from actual prospective customers. Feedback is critical to creating what customers actually want and will pay for. You will get huge breakthroughs from your customers or past clients, and they will help you co-create your offering. Some will likely even turn into buyers.

First off, you should catch up a bit and ask what they are up to lately.

When you transition to your project… you can say this:

  1. Thank you so much for talking to me because I really value your opinion, and wanted to get your help and feedback on this raw idea as I am shaping it.
  2. Here is the result I want to help people get… (describe the end result you want to help your target market to achieve).

Alternatively, you can describe the market you want to serve – your ideal customer – as specifically as possible:

“The people I want to serve are… _______________”

Next, get direct feedback on the potential OUTLINE of Program–

“If I were trying to solve– (describe the pain) —

How would I fully help you to solve that problem?”

What you are looking for here is what is the kind of solution they need but are perhaps not receiving yet. Be sure to write down the EXACT words they use to answer you because these are golden.

(After they answer this, then ask…what else? And then ask what else? Until they run out of answers.)

Alternative questions could be….

What are the biggest challenges you experience with that problem?

What is getting in the way of solving that?

What would a program like that include?

At the very end….

Summarize and repeat what they say and include what you previously thought…and say

Is that right? Is there anything else that I am missing?

Once you repeat everything back, then ask,

What would a good price point be for something like that?

You should also subtly ask for referrals:

Who do you think is best fit for a program like this?

Who else do you recommend I talk to about this that actually has this pain so I can get more feedback?

Finally, you should ask for permission to report back with your findings:

“Do you mind if I follow up to tell you what I discover from the other calls?”

Of course send a follow up thank you email.

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*Get real world feedback on the program, product or service you are offering from actual prospective customers.


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