Rise25 VIP Event Concierge Application


Thank you for your interest in serving as our Rise25 Concierge!

We are looking for someone to help with logistical details during our Rise25 event. The ideal person for this position is hardworking, energetic with a great attitude and eager to please. You will get an unprecedented inside look at what it takes to run these exclusive retreats. You may be doing anything from coordinating staff, checking people in, and enjoying high level connections and conversations.

We do this through connecting people through our in-person events, and we do it through our done-for-you lead generation services – directly connecting our clients with their ideal prospects and referral partners.

Full disclosure: if you are selected to be our concierge, it is not “free” – you will still have to pay for some of the hard costs of the event like food and drink. However, your costs will be significantly discounted from our attendees’ costs (who have paid up to $5,000+ to attend events). And of course the true value is in the access you will get and relationships you will be able to build with dozens of other entrepreneurs.

To give you a flavor of the caliber of events we create and what you are getting yourself into check out this video from one of our VIP dinners:

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