Rise25 for Chiropractors

Rise 25 is a Group Accountability Program & Community
for Chiropractors and other Professional Service Entrepreneurs who want to move away from trading hours for dollars, create multiple predictable revenue streams, and have a massive impact. 

Stop inbreeding and start innovating. If you only learn from and hang around with other Chiropractors you are missing out. Learn what other industry leaders are doing and bring it back to your business.

“One of the best groups I have ever been a part of.”
Andrew Warner
Founder, Mixergy

Chris Johnson

Founder, Simplifilm

“Man, it was one of the best events I have been to. There was a lot of knowledge in the room, a lot of humility. There was people who’ve been in the online business for 20 plus years, doing it forever. Some of the most successful copywriters in the world… There was just so much great energy and a lot of people giving great feedback. Anytime you can get into an event like this, where there are a lot of great people that have your best interests at heart, you owe it to yourself to do that.”

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David Garfinkel

Master Copywriter Co-Facilitator of Mastermind with Copywriting legend John Carlton

“I’ve been in Masterminds for 16 years and this is clearly one of the best I have ever been in. If you have a business that you’re running or that you’re thinking of adding to your existing line of business or work, this is a tremendous incubator as well as a high level peer group and the advice is something you really couldn’t buy from a consultant. And I know I’m a very high priced coaching consultant. I could have come up with some of the ideas but certainly not all of the ideas for the people who were here.”

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Omar Zenhom

Host of “Best of iTunes” podcast $100MBA Co-Founder, Webinar Ninja software

“If you are thinking about going to an event like this, I would say, don’t think about it. Just go ahead and pull the trigger. Because worst case scenario, you’re going to make some great friends. You’ll definitely learn something. You’ll definitely get some perspective. Even if that perspective is, “I’m doing a great job and I should continue.” Sometimes we need to hear that from other people to understand that you’re doing the right thing. I think that there’s tremendous value in going to a mastermind like this and so much to take away and learn.”

Ryan Levesque

Funnel Specialist and Best Selling Author of Ask

“John and Jeremy are both world-class, and you put on a world class event. So Awesome.”

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Adrienne Richardson

Facebook Expert

“It was worth every penny and more…and I know it will continue to pay off for a long time to come. Not just in monetary ways but through the relationships that have been built.”

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 12.08.19 PM

Robert Hartline

Founder of Call Proof

“These guys freaking lead a great retreat…I have so many ideas from that event I had trouble sleeping for a few days after until I wrote them down and now I’m getting them done one at a time.If you are considering an event with these great guys don’t think about it DO IT!”


Rise 25 features designated ‘Sherpas’ – highly successful entrepreneurs who have been to the mountain top and have come back to help others get there.  Sherpas will be present at the events or on private webinars to provide specific feedback and advice to Rise 25 members — advice which they often would charge thousands of dollars to private clients.

Andrew Warner Founder of Mixergy

While still in his twenties, Andrew Warner used credit cards and ingenuity to found and build a $30+ mil / year (in sales) internet business with his younger brother.

After selling his interest in that business, Andrew went on to create the top-rated business podcast Mixergy, through which he helps ambitious entrepreneurs to learn from a mix of experienced mentors.

Mixergy’s headquarters in San Francisco served as the venue for John and Jeremy’s first-ever Entrepreneur Retreat in April 2015.

Andrew is going to be doing a special sit-down interview with a surprise VIP guest who you will not want to miss. We could tell you who it is, but what’s the fun in that?


Kevin Waldron: from $0 to $24 million/year and 240+ employees

About Kevin Waldron

Kevin Waldron immigrated to the U.S. from Scotland in the mid-1980s. Without a college degree, the only work he could find was with a disaster restoration company — literally cleaning up other people’s messes — where his boss was a raging alcoholic. After watching his boss make money while drinking all day, Waldron decided “if he can do it, I can do it better.”

Starting with a shoestring budget and just an 800 square foot warehouse space, and with no real business experience, Waldron grew his company into a regional powerhouse with 5 offices and over 200 employees and $24M a year in sales. He credited his business coach of 17 years, Patricia McDade, with helping him to grow the company.

After he finally sold the company in 2010, Waldron became a business coach himself. Today, Waldron does leadership coaching, helping business owners with sales between $2 million and $10 million scale upwards to $20 million and beyond. One of his recent coaching programs costs entrepreneurs $50,000 per person to participate in.

Dan Kuschell Entrepreneur, CEO of Genius Network

Dan Kuschell is the CEO for Joe Polish’s Genius Network. He’s the founder of Growth to Freedom™, ProsperityBasedLiving.com, & creator of Millionaire’s Mindset.

One of his many companies he built to over 175 employees and $15 million+ a year in sales.

Dan Kuschell has owned multiple companies and has over 22 years of experience helping businesses grow exponentially.

Rick Cesari The $2 Billion Dollar Man

Rick Cesari is a pioneer in direct response marketing and television advertising. After Cesari and his brother Steve took out a home-equity loan on their mother’s home to fund the creation of their new business, Cesari Direct has gone on to help sell more than 2 billion dollars worth of products. Cesari has directly been involved in the launch of over 30 brands including the Sonicare toothbrush, OxiClean, the George Foreman Grill, GoPro camera & many more.  Today, Cesari Direct is is a consumer marketing agency, specializing in short and long form direct response television, media buying and online marketing.  Cesari’s company was responsible for taking GoPro camera from less than $1 Million in sales to over $500 Million in sales in under 5 years.

Rick is the author of Buy Now: Creative Marketing that Gets Customers to Respond to You and Your Product.